Monday, 13 February 2012

With This Daisy Chain I Thee Wed.

I can remember when I was younger and we'd sit in a park full of daisies and make daisy chains. We'd make them for our hair; our wrists and even tiny ones for our fingers, I personally believe this was one of the main reasons I started to grow my nails. Daisies have a delicacy to them because they are so small and they remind me of spring time. For this reason alone I am edging towards using them as one of the main flowers in my bouquet. I know you're thinking that this probably wouldn't work but let me assure you it does. I've looked at a few bridal bouquets recently and so many different flowers go with daisies.

One of the other reasons I am thinking of daisies is because, well, I don't know if you remember or even if you did this when you were younger but I did, I'd pull one petal off at a time to see if he loved me or if he loved me not... suffice to say I am sure this one definitely loves me.

When researching about my bouquet I came across a site that said the flower arrangement must compliment my dress, now I can't really say anything about my dress on here because there are beady eyes and ears everywhere, but, what I can say is that I am edging towards a round bouquet for me and posy's for the girls. If you want a full explanation of all the different types of arrangements click here.

I think round bouquets and posy's are traditional and will hopefully give the wedding a really classic and traditional look... this is also why I am hoping for the bunting (budget permitting) because it makes the feel of the wedding very Spring and more like a rather large family picnic than a very formal wedding do... If any of you know me, you'll know I'm anything BUT formal. I like relaxed and cosy.

I know I know you're thinking, "Why is she using daisies when I thought dandelions were her main theme?" Well, without the dandelion seed flowers looking TOO plastic there would be no way of having them in my bouquet. They are far too delicate. I have looked at fake dandelion seedlings but they just wouldn't work with the bouquets. However, it is something I have thought about before.

Invitations are being printed this week and I am hopefully looking at rings with Adam over the next couple of weeks!

On a down side note, which I haven't mentioned before, I went for my MRI scan results last week... apparently I have indeed fractured my tibia? fibia? I don't know... the bone at the bottom back of my leg. The Dr said he wasn't sure of what needed to be done with it because he doesn't want it to heel wrong so they have referred me to the lovely foot and ankle Consultant who should be writing me a letter soon to see what he can do with my leg. I have physio tomorrow but unless I wear a very small and very chunky heel for the wedding I may not be able to wear shoes... but don't worry you can't see my feet anyway, and if it comes to it I'll just wear white trainers.

P.P.S. It's Valentines Day tomorrow!!


  1. i remember making daisy chains with you guys!!!! they are such cute ideas!!! x

  2. Aww thanks Olivia. :) I love daisy chains :D xx