Saturday, 25 February 2012

Ingredients to Invitation Success

1. Go shoe shopping

2. Go to stationary and office supplies shops to find ink at the cheapest price.

3. Leave one ink shop and go back into another for cheaper ink.

4. Scurry around second supplies shop in desperate need of finding the card you swear you saw online in stock.

5. Ask a stockist if they have said card because you can't see it.

6. Get extremely emotional with a manager and stockist at said shop until they both go running around the nice large store and warehouse trying to find you some paper that is nearly as thick as card but isn't card.

7. Be extremely polite but firm when saying "no, I don't want your printing service, where is the card?"

8. Smile happily and wipe a tear away from your eye because they found some card-like paper (160gsm - very thick) pay at the checkout.

9. Go food shopping.

10. Come home and put ink in printer.

11. Don't get mad at said printer because it won't play nice.

12. Print invitations

13. Repeat step 11

14. Change ink because cartidge has run out.

15. Repeat step 11

16. Slice all paper/card with guillotine

17. Make a mess

18. Stick said pieces of card on to invites without sticking them to your fingers, the board you are working on or to other invites.

19. Smile happily as you have finally finished one invite!

20. Repeat steps 12 - 19 until you have said amount required... (this means x 69 for me)


  1. lol love it :p made me laugh glad ur getting somewhere though :p

  2. made me laugh too and i was there :)