Friday, 3 February 2012

Wedding Packages 3.0 & Signing Away

Wedding Packages 3.0

Today I got my envelopes! They are extremely pretty, even mum agrees with me. They are uhm slightly big, but we can work it we can work it... we will work it. My mum got a crease in one of the envelopes earlier this evening trying to make it fold in a certain way for the invites to fit in, when I noticed it she told me it was a casualty of war. I decided to call it collatoral damage, but these things happen.

 The dilemma from yesterday is slowly getting worked out so fingers crossed we can do something about that. Again, has come to my aid. The website is amazing. They have a table plan sheet for any size rooms that you want so I am going to start with the smallest plausible room size I can think of for the wedding and see how everything fits in and then slowly get bigger until I think the table plan is about as big as the room. We'll manage. Most of these weddings have never had me around and I'm a whizz at Tetris! So you will fit in.

Tomorrow, this weekend in fact, is extremely busy. This would be a good thing if I wasn't sneezing like thunder and coughing my little lungs out. My nose seems to be leaking too.

I had a call from the agency I let my property off and they told me that I need to move some furniture out of the property that I left there; even though I'd already spoken to them and they said it was okay to leave it... but that's another story I don't want to go into. They told me that if I didn't remove the furniture or clean up the mess I left (I left the house spotless) then I wouldn't get my bond back; I kinda need my bond back to live on this month. So tomorrow I am trekking at 9:30ish in the morning to the home letting agency to get the keys for my ex-property; driving to a friends house; picking up a van; going to the ex-property; removing all the (apparent) rubbish; removing all the furniture; taking it to said friends house; taking the keys back to the homelets office before their 12pm closing time. Not forgetting to mention the fact that I need to sign my life away tomorrow at 11:30am! AHH!!

Oh yeah, about that. I shall let you all know how it goes. I need to take my passport, drivers licence and something with my address on it, but I think because my drivers licence has my address on it I should be fine. It's going to cost £33.50 and then I'm done. If any of you disagree or think of a reason  as to why Adam and I can't get married then... you can shut up and go away. I'll lock you in a dungeon underneath a castle so you can't make any voting decisions... oh wait that's from the film Elizabath. Still, you get the jist.

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