Friday, 10 February 2012

Hair'd, You Like Me?

I can't decide what the bridesmaids should do with their hair.

The main problem I have with all 5 of them is that they have different lengths of hair. I could either tell them to chop it off so it is the same length or I could ask them to wear extensions but since neither one of those options is really feasable I shall just have to make do with what I got.

And, what I got is, two bridesmaids with fairly long hair, two with medium length hair and one whose hair colour changes on a weekly basis and hair length is undecidable... not a bad thing, I am all for individuality but it does pose a problem for styling, especially when I want them all to have a similar hair style.

I tried to mess around with Bethany's hair this evening, as she is home for the weekend, but alas everything I tried looked hilarious. Maybe she has a funny sized head. But I doubt that. I tried plaits and bunches and twists, she even stuck needles through her hair which actually looked pretty but didn't have enough volume at the front so she looked like a scraped back witch. Not a look I want for the wedding.

I want relaxed, curly possibly, natural (even though lots of time will have been spent on every head) and sparkle. I want a bit of sparkle so I am hoping to ask somebody soon if they can style our hair on the morning of the wedding so that means we get up at what, 5 am? Oh yeahhhh... no. Not going to happen. It's a shame I can't be the last one to get ready with make up and hair and uhm well the dress :D However, if the ceremony starts a little late you will know why.

The girls will definitely be having something in their hair like a flower; or headband; or clip but until the night before the wedding, we can't really decide... that's the extremely annoying downside of having all your besties in 5 different cities all over Britain. We should try skype conference calling sometime but I've no idea whether that'd work or not.

I am so excited for my bridesmaids dresses to hopefully come soon. We are hoping beginning of April just really fingers crossed until then!


  1. Hmm i have done hair a view times maybe i should have a swing at it :p i mean we have had to do hair for performances and what not ? an dmm still hard to know if it will suit everyone :S xx

  2. Because the bridesmaids all have different hair colours/ could have them all 'similar' by all having the exact same flower/hairband etc...then everyone will know regardless of their hair colour/length that they are part of the wedding party!x