Sunday, 5 February 2012

Stupid Snow - Awesome Afternoon

As some of you may well know, snow and I do not get on. Well, to tell the truth, we get on if I am sat inside looking out, watching it falling, otherwise, no we are not friends.

I am not a big fan of ice either. Reason being, last December I slipped on black ice and tore the ligaments in my left ankle causing me to be off work for 6 weeks; I'm still in pain now. Yay. So when it decided to snow very lightly yesterday afternoon all I kept thinking about were the slightly ripped but still very usable wellies that are currently in the big rubbish bin outside my old house. They were ripped but I still could have worn them again. Then when it started snowing even more I was just very glad that Adam has a car and was able to come and get me out of the snow. But by the time we'd finished dinner and were going home I was slightly worried since the car seemed to make a nice screeching sound every time he went to break. However, Adam assured me this was fine.

Kitties don't like snow either.
Annoyingly enough, by the time we reached my mum's house the snow still hadn't stopped and I had given up on the idea of going to the cinema in the evening, 1. Because I was still feeling like a bus had hit me on the head and 2. I wasn't sure of whether the car would be able to get back up the street once we'd gone out. By now the street was looking something pretty like this:

 And this morning I had gotten up to get ready for church and Adam's car looked like this:

Poor brum. The neighbours had left in their skoda somewhere, I didn't hear them leave but I certainly heard them come back since it took them 2 hours or so to park up and Adam's car was right next to theirs. One slight slip and Adam's car would have had a dented bonnet... nice.

We decided against going to church because with four of us in the car I am sure it wouldn't have been a pretty sight trying to get up/down the hill. But instead of going to church we decided not to do much very productive things towards the wedding but instead just chill and spend some time together.

VII (Very Important Information) Yes the wedding is important of course it is, it's how you are going to start your married life together in front of a lot of people you love and care about so of course you want it to be perfect and you want to have the right amount of this and that; and it is probably going to be on your mind A LOT of the time but you must remember each other amongst all the decorations and fairy lights because after all the cake is gone and the friends and family aren't in front of you anymore you're just left with you and your husband. You need to build a relationship together outside of the wedding plans so it is important to spend some time together that isn't solely based around your wedding and enjoy it!

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