Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Pick-up the Hiccups

And please carry on!

I found an absolute bargain online yesterday for my envelopes and they are just so scrummy and cute I couldn't resist. But I received a telephone call today from a lovely man in who knows where that told me the envelopes I ordered were out of stock *sadface* but because I liked some other ones on the website I quickly asked if any others were available and if they were could I have those instead? He said the envelopes I had ordered would take an extra 1-2 days to get to me so I didn't think that would be so bad, but I had a little niggling feeling to get the other envelopes so I got those instead and they should arrive in a few days *fingers crossed*.

I was going to print the invites at home but my mum's printer is only a printer and might not be able to take the 70 invites that I have to print off plus I want to print them all in A3. We decided to ask Emily if she could get them printed at University as hopefully they would be a little bit cheaper to print and we wouldn't have to wait what seems like forever for them to get here. Roughly, if you're wanting somewhere to print your invites on A3 they are about 50p per sheet, we have to provide the card but it isn't like we can't get that for cheap. But anyway it is all bought now. I am just waiting for it all to come in the post, or rather lots of red 'we-missed-you' notes to come in the post, we have busy lives what more can I say.

I moved home to mums on Saturday/Sunday and all of my things are exactly where I left them... in a mess. I've just had no motivation to tidy anything up at all. My body is still trying to get used to sharing a bedroom with a few University bought rodents... so sleeping is a bit of a nightmare at the minute, but my brain will get used to it.

Just so people looking at this will know, we are on a tight budget. Literally £5,000 or so. Give or take a few hundred (take a few would be nice) so we are trying to find the cheapest way possibly for printing our invites. We've decided to DIY them besides for obviously printing them (main reason being that it will cost pretty much the same to print at home as they will in a store) and the wallets the invites come in are coming from a website that specialises in this types of 'pocketfold wallet' invites.

Breakdown of the cost of the invites:

70 x Pocketfold wallets bought here cost: £69.30 (+ P&P) = £75.25
70 x Novelty Envelopes bought here cost: £7.70 (+ P&P & VAT) = £15.18
70 x A3 sheets of ivory card bought possibly on ebay/amazon = £15.00
70 x invites printed at Emily's university: £35.00

Total = £140.43

Sorry about the Euros...
That's before you even get to the postage. I would be slightly alarmed at the price but I know my budget, and of course there are plenty of other ways of making the invites, folded card and home made printed paper invites to whoever you want to come but I think we have gone a little mid-budget which is good with us! Plus, we kinda budgeted £120 for them so not too bad on the compromise. One way of getting the cost down would be to buy paper instead of card but there are plenty of options for those who are on a tighter budget than us.

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  1. Sounds like where getting somwhere finally lol so time to order the dresses ? and cute cat :p xx