Tuesday, 31 January 2012

We Would Like to Invite You to

Grace's Bridal Shower!

Or, rather, my own Bridal Shower. I haven't a clue as to what has been planned and I'd much prefer it to stay that way. I know when and where it is and was kindly asked who I would want to be there but any more than that and I'm as much baffled as you are.

I got my invitation today. It was very pretty and well thought out. I love how it ties in with the theme of the wedding but has it's own flair. The colours go too. I know both Emily and Bethany have put a lot of thought, time and effort into the invitations; and constantly bugging me to give them people's email addresses! So, if you have been pestered for an email address by me or my sister's go check your inbox... you may have an invite from them! I hope you can make it to the Bridal Shower, I am told there are going to be green slime slides and a ball pool!

Details left out

On another 'invitational' note. I bought the invites today. I had a slight overpanic the other day because I pulled out of my wedding bag/envelope/box the envelope colours we had originally decided on, red matt colour, and I really liked it at first so I don't know what made me want to change my mind when I pulled out the emerald green invitations but there you go. So, today, when I came to buying the invites I swopped and changed and swopped and changed between the two colours before coming to the realisation that shopping for invites is like shopping for clothes; you try one on, go to a million different shops before going back to the first one you tried on... so I picked the redish coloured one.

But as I went to buy the envelopes I found a problem, even though the website supplies 9 x 4 in. invite wallets, they don't provide the envelopes; go figure? So I had to go trapsing around the interwebs trying to find the perfect envelope for my invites. You'd never believe how many types there are.

Yet, I still couldn't find the size that I wanted. They were either too big or too small or too wide, or too boring. I found the perfect one. I loved it. It was slightly expensive (70 envelopes costing £35ish) but they were lovely, ivory on the outside, greenish moss colour on the inside to go with the theme of the wedding, but for some reason when I went to go buy them the only method of 'Delivery' I could find was pick up from the manufacturer; this wouldn't have been so bad if it'd hadn't have been in Buckinghamshire...

But, all was not lost because I decided to venture from my original plan of pearlesque/metallic envelopes and go for something much more 'BAM IN THE POST YOU'RE INVITED TO A WEDDING'... You know what I mean? I think I found it, or at least I hope I did since I just ordered them, and again 70 envelopes, but this time they were only £15ish, I know, bargain!!

Sorry for the blurry- ness they were pretty small on the screen - I only chose one of these designs!

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