Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend

And a dog is a man's best friend... I think women get the better end of this deal.

I am not thinking of diamonds really. I am more thinking of jewellery in general (trying saying that very fast). I've already gone through the check list of things that need to get done with January's wage and we even managed to slip something else in there that didn't need to be dealt with until a month or so i.e. the men's suits, so that's something crossed off the list. What I am going to focus on in this post is the stuff we usually forget about until last minute; or the last week anyway. Things like:

Signs so people know where to go
Guest book
The Bride and Groom on the cake
Cake Stand
Jewellery for the Bridesmaids and Moi
Decorations in the Chapel that aren't flowers
What types of pictures we want the wedding photographer to do

That is all I can really think of for now, but as I said some things are generally forgotten until last minute so there could be a pile of stuff that isn't written above or somewhere in my blog that I am forgetting about, so if you notice something you had at your wedding or you saw at a friend's wedding that I haven't mentioned please let me know.

I am hoping that a sign my lovely friend Amy is sending me will be perfect for the wedding to let people know where to go but we're also going to need signs to show people where to put coats or to leave presents or ways to walk to the photography area etc etc. I'm thinking chalkboards.

The guest book hasn't really been decided yet because we are kinda having two. We're having the general one that anyone who comes to the ceremony can sign and we are also having the jigsaw puzzle pieces that arrived a month or so ago to my house that the people who come to the Reception will be able to sign too. The jigsaw pieces will be more for close friends and relatives, they'll be framed and will go up in our house some where! I can't wait. But we don't know what guest book we want.

The cake stand I am hopefully borrowing from a friend but they haven't gotten back to me about it yet so I hope I can still borrow it. If not, then my mum is trying to commandere the one that she had for HER wedding a million years ago (okay so it was 25 years ago) which is all the way over in Cardiff and we can get my dad to pick it up and bring it with him! So we shall see on that one.

The jewellery so far that I have for everyone is pearls... But should I use pearls? Would pearls look nice? I want a pearl beads and clear beads on two necklaces for each of the bridesmaids and then pearl and clear beads for their bracelets too. Now, I don't know whether this is something that could be made or whether it would just be easier and less stressful to just buy the jewellery but we shall have to look into that sooner or later. That's what I have so far on the jewellery. Pearls and clear beads....

Decorations for the chapel... I am thinking bows around the sides of the pews? Or possibly beads on a string with a few flowers at the bottom; as you can see this is really not something I have looked in to at all. I am thinking organza bows would look very good or who knows.

I was having a conversation with someone recently about their family member's wedding and they told me that the pictures looked awful and that the photographer really hadn't taken into consideration what group photos should be done. This friend of mine told me they could understand if they weren't in all the main photos due to not being an immediate family member but then continued to tell me that they weren't in any official photograph's at all... bit strange really.

I should also add bridesmaid hair & make up to my list and Reception music also. The speeches are kind of taken care of. So there, a small consideration for everything usually forgotten.

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  1. Don't forget, you're only supposed to be moving onto your next list when everything on your first list is covered lol