Sunday, 15 January 2012

Cascading - tied - posy - over arm - round flower bouquets

I haven't really given LOTS of thought to flowers before now because I've been so focused on well... everything else.

So one of the first choices you have to make when you want flowers is whether you want real ones, silk ones or plastic ones. Obviously there are pros and cons to all of them and I am not experienced enough or unbiased enough to tell you which ones to choose, but I will say it all depends on:

What colours you want to use
When you are getting married
How many flowers you want
How you want them to look
And who knows what other factors, but these are the ones that I took into consideration.

I chose silk flowers because they look real and aren't as expensive as real flowers. Plastic flowers are cheaper than silk flowers so there is that option for people who want those but they don't look as real as silk; however it is anybody's choice as to what they want.

Another question you need to ask is: What style of flowers do I want?

When I first asked myself this question I thought, 'how many styles of flowers are there?' I literally thought bunches were bunches and they are flowers. You know, flowers are flowers... but when I looked closer I saw that there are 5 different styles of flowers:

Hand tied bouquets
Over arm
Round Flower bouquet (similar to posy)

A good explanation of 5 of these flower styles can be found on Peaches and Herbs.

For a quick visual of why these flowers are different:


Hand tied 


Over arm

Round flower bouquet

I had my sights set on a cascade bouquet but I quite like over the arm now, so I'll have to consult a few people and a few websites and try and work out which one will be best. Things are coming together.

You also have to remember that it's not just your flowers you have to think about but also the bridesmaids; the buttonholes (for your mother and mother-in-law too); the top table and center pieces if you so choose to have flowers. It gets easier once you have an idea in your mind of what your colour theme may be and which styles you want,


  1. hmm like over arm best there pretty hmm think u may worry about tripping on the cascade ones hmm but i suppose they could just not come down that far.

  2. I don't like over arm, looks too much like you're about to give them to someone. A bit too funeral-y in my opinion. I really do think you should get a cacading one, like the one we saw (and liked) in Bradford.