Monday, 30 January 2012

The 3rd Relay Run

Relay races are fun, because you can have a little rest before you get on with the next bit and you can quite clearly see how far you have left to go until you finish the race.

I couldn't post yesterday for two reasons:

First reason was that I was at church in the morning and then I went to my house to finish cleaning. I know the Lord says rest on a Sunday but I literally had no choice. My fault entirely; I'm just useless at organising things until last minute. So, by the time I got to my mums I was so unbelievably tired... all my body could do was stare at my computer screen whilst we watched 'Men In Black'

Where's Wally? Sorry, I mean Emily.
 Second reason was that my laptop had been packed into a bag with my charger and placed somewhere... I don't know where. Now that wasn't my fault, that was Bethany's fault. She put it somewhere and didn't tell me where, and when I finally did know where it was, I just thought, 'bleh'.

My laptop was behind the rolled up mattress, which was behind the bear; which was behind the sleeping bag; which was on top of a rucksack; which was behind the bike; which was caught on the box so, no.

Well now, this is it. This is the third leg of the race; the countdown; the whatever-you-want-to-call-it. I have moved back into my mums and it is all down hill or rather onwards and upwards from here. This is where we go into over drive because I finally have money from my wage that I don't have to spend on rent, and council tax, and gas & electric, and tv's etc...

The first leg was when Adam asked me to marry him up until Christmas; the second was the period of time between Christmas and now; the third is now up until I finish work and the fourth is the mini period of time between finishing work and actually being married to the lovely Adam. Not all these periods of time are the same length. The run up to Christmas was nearly 3 months; the jog from Christmas to moving back here was only a month and a half; this sprint will be nearly 3 months again and the last leg will be a nice quick speedy lunge of 2 weeks until the wedding. We're not doing too bad.

This following week some great things will happen, I will be purchasing:

My wedding licence
The Bridesmaids dresses

And that's about it, I would have bought more but stupid wage won't allow. But hey, Adam is getting his wedding licence this month too so, if all else fails and everyone has to stand at the reception and eat cake with squash... we'll still be married.

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  1. I told you that your laptop and charger were in your black laptop bag, it's not my problem that you didn't put it somewhere accessible when you moved :P lol and yey! Tell me when you press that final button on ordering the dresses! :D