Thursday, 26 January 2012

Food Glorious Food

So, for this wedding we need to feed 150 people. Only a few then, should be a doddle.

We have gone for a buffet because it is easier to feed people that way and we don't have to worry as much about people being allergic to things (obviously when preparing food we shall keep a careful caution). We can't decide on what type of food we want and toyed with a few various ideas; themed by country i.e. Italian food, chinese, indian, etc. but for some reason that doesn't feel right; themed by colour of the wedding (very quick passing thought which we all laughed at), in the end we decided to just stick with whatever came to mind when we were writing the list.

Don't think ours will look so exotic
I luckily have a member in my ward that owns a bakery so all bread will be made fresh on the morning of the wedding, I might ask if we can throw in a few other things for slightly cheap. We have lots of vegetarian foods and other random foods, 'finger food' I call it, e.g. sausage rolls, cocktail sticks, pork pies etc, it'll be like a Spring afternoon tea party; minus the tea since we don't drink it, unless we had herbal tea?

This is pink - minus the pink and I like it
I was actually thinking today that I'd really like some fruit salad at the wedding, but then I had these really horrid images of me going round telling everyone what types of fruit we wanted and sternly saying very specifically that the apples weren't to go into the bowl of fruit salad until just before we went into the Reception because otherwise the sugar in them would turn them brown before we even had chance to eat them (as they do), and then I quickly changed my mind and said "actually wait no, I want the apples to be served whilst we are doing speeches", then my mind switched to the Reception speeches and in this play back in my head my face turns in slow motion towards the bowl of fruit salad and the apples are brown and sugary and just look plain awful.

A cut out melon - shaped like a basket - oooo
We also worked out that we need at least 60 bottles of shloer for the toast and at least 10 more just for the top table through out the ceremony, can you imagine going into ASDA, Tesco or some other supermarket and saying "'scuse me I would like to buy 60 bottles of shloer please, thanks." but you'd have to say it in the straightest face possible so then they couldn't decipher whether you were actually joking around with them or not? It's going to be very funny.

There aren't even 30 bottles here
We also haven't decided the feng shui of the room at the Reception either. We are very lucky to be holding the Reception in the same building as the Ceremony (i.e. Bradford Latter Day Saint church) and because of this we have pretty much free reign on how and where we position tables, but bearing in mind we have 140 people to sit on round tables and 10 to seat on the top table and another table the length of the top table for food, it could become a tight squeeze. We will manage though I am sure, and the food will be delicious.

Nom nom.
I can't promise anything though, but what I can promise is that I will be cooking and helping prepare a lot of it. It'll be my way of taking my brain off the fact that the day after, I will be married. AHHH!!!

106.5 DAYS TO GO

Tomorrow... The Cake