Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Sitting and Waiting

That's what I am doing pretty much right now because there is not much I can do or buy until my wage comes in. Once I do that its all systems go. I mean sure I could pack to move home but its too cold so I'm sat in bed watching a film.

Once I see mum on Thursday we will be a little more organised and I will feel a little less like I am sat here just waiting.

I have to get started on packing tomorrow and then cleaning and then into a warm house yay! Where I need to do more cleaning just to get everything ready.

Seems almost unbelievable to think in 4 months and 2 days I shall be married. I am hoping to coerce the new husband into getting kittens straight away, we have talked about having two and I am sure that we'd eventually get around to it but maybe I'll ask him to get me the kitties as a wedding present. I asked if we could have two and he said yes as long as they were black and white (no surprise there though).

We still haven't finished doing up his house yet and a lot of the things that need doing to it are cosmetic but even so 4 months can go pretty quick. We'll be together 8 months on the 13th, Friday 13th... Surprising how your life can change in a day and not really the 'luckiest' day in the world either.

I'm posting this via my phone because my wireless is on the blink and as we all know I am chilling in bed; its on my list of things to do tomorrow - ring virgin. They're not a very good company by the way but who is these days.

I hope you've liked my Bridezilla page on Facebook I only remembered to make it yesterday, another reminder - 13 days until my birthday!

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