Saturday, 7 January 2012

Mrs United

Have I told you that I am not actually marrying just Adam anymore?


I am marrying Adam plus another 28 men. Their names are:

Shola Ameobi, Demba Ba, Hatem Ben Arfa, Leon Best, Yohan Cabaye, Fabricio Colloccini, Rob Elliot, Danny Guthrie, Jonas Gutierrez, Steve Harper, Tim Krul, Peter Lovenkrands, Sylvian Marveaux, Gabriel Obertan, James Perch, Danny Simpson, Alan Smith, Steven Taylor, Ryan Taylor, Cheik Tiote, Mike Williamson... and a few others.

Cabaye, Gutierrez, Ben Arfa, One of the Taylor's
These names may look familiar to some people and others may not have a clue, so let me fill you in. These are the names of the players on the first team that play for NEWCASTLE UNITED. Adam is as you all know (or may not know) from Newcastle, and because of this he loves NEWCASTLE UNITED. There is no way of getting away from it.

Those of you who know and have know me a while know that I love football this much ->   |--|  <-

Meaning a very tiny amount, so it may come as a shock to you to know that MY OWN fiancee has a season ticket to Newcastle United AND we actually, honestly, plan our weekends around his home football matches. Trust me, it was much better for us that way, or rather much better for me not to argue and actually LET it be that way.

Hatem Ben Arfa
I haven't quite decided what my last name will be yet when we get married. It is one of two options: either it is going to be:

Grace Louise Bell


Grace Louise Ameobi -Ba - Ben Arfa - Best - Cabaye - Coloccini - Elliot - Guthrie - Gutierres - Harper - Krul - Lovenkrands - Marveaux - Obertan - Perch - Simpson - Smith - Taylor - Taylor - Tiote - Williamson .... Bell

How does that sound? Try sticking that one on a cheque...

Hmmm, I didn't think so. I think I'll just stick with Mrs Newcastle United.

Buy Adam anything with this on it and he will love it
It has actually gotten so bad, this Newcastle United fever of mine, that I can actually tell you at least 12 of the first team players names just by sight. Adam got a new calender for Christmas and I could name 2 of the people on the front and at least 10 of the player's names on the inside.

It's not all bad though, it means Adam gets some free time to spend with his friends and so do I (not that I have very many) and he can go shouting his guts off which means when he comes home he could quite possibly have a sore throat from shouting so much and therefore is quiet (hehe), On the other hand it means I have to keep a very close check on all the football games that Newcastle play so I can gauge Adam's mood for when he comes home. If he's happy and they have won a game I might risk it with a joke or two about the players and the match... if he's not that I give him a hug and let him play FIFA for a while so he can play as Newcastle United and actually win the game they just lost in real life.

If I had to choose any one of them though, I'd choose to marry Cabaye ;)

Yohan Cabaye
Funnily enough last night whilst Adam and I were leaving ASDA in Bradford a sort of chavish looking guy was stood outside with a few other people being kind of loud and chav-ish and as we were walking past he must have noticed Adam's coat (Newcastle United coat) and said:

" 'Ere that guy is a Newcastle supporter... LEGEND MATE!! They beat Man Utd 3 - 0... LEGEND"

Interesting. Ciao for now.

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