Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Une Table? No.

Quatorze tableaux? Oui.

That's right. It's alllll about the tables. And fourteen of them to be precise, that's not even including the top table. I don't know if anybody knows how many guests have been invited to the wedding but we have 140 on the list and 10 extra for the wedding party. That is 10 people per table.

Yes, we will need big tables but not as big tables as some sites have you believe. A good source of mine told me that as a selling point some websites tell you that in order to have 10 guests around 1 table you need a 6ft round table, which you don't. The size you really need isn't much smaller but it is less pricey; you need a 5"6' round table. People say you roughly want about 1.5ft - 2ft per person around a table but that only matters if you are having a sit down meal with three courses and three different sets of cutlery with 2 different sets of glasses etc etc. and we're aren't. It's just a simple buffet I'm afraid people (with a seating plan).

You can hire tables or buy tables. From one site they are £8.50 for 3 days and from another they are £7.50 for 2 days. I can't decide how long we want them for. 3 days would be better do you think?

We don't know what formation we are having the tables in but the room is rectangle and I have no idea of it's size but another wedding I went to that was in a similar sized room had 16 round tables; a top table and a foooooood table, so I think we will fit in or at least manage.

I was talking to a friend today about how paranoid I seem to be getting that something is going to go wrong on the day and I am just going to freak out etc etc but they said that nothing is going to go wrong at least nothing that I will see anyway; which boosts my confidence since she is my co-ordinator on the day and sort of move around-er. I put my trust in Carolyn because hey she is my friend and  my boss so I know Carolyn can get things done.

We are making our own table plan... because it's easier, simpler and much much much cheaper. One place quoted me £80!! just to put some names on an A2 sized piece of card; I could do that myself. Instead we are just writing people's names on a piece of dolled up card and putting their table numbers on the inside or back, that way they can sit on the table we want them on in any order they would like to be in, no fuss no muss and everyone is happy (well not always... there has to be someone that moans, but I shaln't know about it).

Few dates for the 'Bradfordian Bridezilla' diary:

23rd Jan - MY BIRTHDAY
28th Jan - Move back into Mum's house - Operation Swift

1st Feb - Bridesmaid dresses & Reception Tables ordered
4th Feb - Bradford Registry Office - Signing my life away - proclaiming to world I am to be married
12th Feb - 3 MONTHS TO GO
14th Feb - Valentines Day

4th March - Barbara's Wedding (Adam's cousin)
10th March - Bridal Shower
12th March - 2 MONTHS TO GO

12th April - 1 MONTH TO GO
13th April - Maghan's Wedding

I shall update this once diary once a week as things change and different things change etc. 

Too too cute.


  1. lol wow a calander hmm must find somewhere to write all that down :S bu sounds like things are getting sorted will be able to sort out invite printing and bottles next week

  2. Ooo yay thank you Emily, let me know how it goes. xx