Friday, 6 January 2012

The Other Parts

Meaning the bridesmaid dresses.

I'll have to post a picture up later this evening because I forgot to post earlier and by the time Adam and I get back to Bradford it'll be too late to post (on the right day at least).

The dress is full length, available in the sizes I want and the staff from the site have already replied to two of my emails in two days; which is more than any other site I've seen.

I've checked lots of different websites to see if the one I'm buying the dresses from is legitimate and there are no disgruntled customers that I can find.

I'm getting 5% discount on dresses and 5% off the delivery which is good considering the delivery is worth nearly two dresses! The website is pay via paypal or other secure payment and THERE IS NO HAVING TO PROVE THE DRESS IS WRONG; a lot of other dress sites had this.

The dress has straps which we will amend ourselves into sleeves or we will get shrugs and the latest delivery time for them is 8-10 weeks and not one dress has ever been late. I know what you're thinking... Sounds too good to be true - well I blummin hope not. - a link for the dress until I get home.

Watch this likkel space for a picture of the dress later

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