Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Groom

The groom is Adam Peter Bell.

7 May 2011 - Day after I met him first time
He has known my sister, Emily for nearly 3 years. I have known him for nearly 9 months. She has been hiding him from me for all that time, don't worry I told her off for it.

The first thing we chatted about was how he could remember scriptures off the top of his head, apparently this was a good USP for Adam and it got me hooked. Another USP especially as a member of the church were his tattoos that he had done before he was a member, we sat talking about them for a while.

During our first date - Friday 13th May 2011
When he laughs he doesn't just smile or only slightly laugh, he laughs with everything he has - that makes it infectious and I laugh.

When we were driving back from the first dance that I ever met him at I was scrolling down Emily's friends on Facebook on my phone and trying desperately to find which 'Adam' he was as I didn't even know his last name.

When Adam tries too hard he isn't funny, he's just daft. When he is relaxed he is hilarious.

Need I say anything for this one?
Adam would give anyone everything he has... and then some more.

He is my best friend and he listens, even if I think he isn't. Personally I think it's a really good talent any guy should have. He can be playing FIFA or watching TV and I'll be talking pretty much at him because he won't be saying anything back and I will be thinking that he isn't listening but really he is.

He has the confidence I don't have and I have the drive that he doesn't have.

When we get married if Adam cooked all the time the main staple of our diet would be spaghetti bolognese.

Yes I know this is bacon...
We say we have 'a song' but when we finally pick one, we hear another one a few days later and like that one instead.

I'm patient and Adam is not at all really. He gets wound up like a clock but all I need to do is put some music on start dancing around with my panda hat over my face and he starts laughing.

We both dislike the same foods... in fact we hate the same foods, olives & tomatoes (cooked differently though, he doesn't like them hot I dislike them cold).

I almost didn't meet him, but Emily begged me to go to the Leeds Dance that we met at.

I can't imagine my life without him now.

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  1. aww that literally brought a tear to my eye i really am soo glad that you too are togeather no matter how many times i may joke about it being weird. i mean it is weird but perfectly weird :) and the panda thing is soo cute im just imagining it my head now , you nutter :pxx