Friday, 27 January 2012

Flowers? Spots? Icing? Ribbon? Help?

Most of the usual rules when buying, designing and booking a wedding cake do not apply to my wedding as we have a very resourceful and wonderful friend from church who is going to do the cake for us. At first I wasn't too sure of what I wanted except that it should be a classic looking cake and that it would be sponge. I very much dislike fruit cake... It's just not my thing. I only eat Christmas cake because the marzipan makes it taste SO MUCH NICER.

When I first asked my friend at church if she would do my cake for me she instantly said yes but then after that asked:

How many people the cake would be for?
How many tiers would I want?
What type of cake would I like? (SPONGE and fruit)
Did I have any ideas?

I had quite a few ideas, I liked flowers and ribbon. I'd seen a cake very similar to what I wanted, on a website and immediately pinterest'ed it for later. I kept going back to it and looking at it and thinking "aww that's pretty" then I went on website. It is amazing and broadened my horizons for cakes. I still want a traditional cake but I can't believe how many other types of cakes there are!

Adam would obviously go for this colour, but even though I've chosen black & white as a mini-theme I don't love the theme that much...

I want to go for colours that compliment the theme but I definitely want a white cake. White with a hint of moss/light yellow or claret which fit perfectly with added a few flowers here and there.

I was reading in my little wedding book called 'Brides Bible' that Monica (Adam's Brother's Partner - basically sister-in-law) got me for my birthday and it said:

Budget Savvy
If you've found the perfect design for a cake, but having it made for 120+ guests is going to hav some unsavoury ramifications on your budget, ask your cake-maker to downsize the size of the cake and to supply a 'kitchen cake'. This comes as a standard sheet cake, with the same coloured icing - your guests will never know the difference!

Unless, of course, you put this information on your blog so that all your wedding guests know you have to go cheapskate for the cake, but let's face it... Nobody realllly cares what the cake tastes like because it's all about the cutting of the cake and how beautiful it is before it is demolished...

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