Friday, 13 January 2012

Lover-ly lover-ly loverrrr-ly

Well for a Friday 13th I haven't really had much bad look today. I don't class today as a bad omen day anyway because it is the day Adam and I went on our first date so today is exactly 8 months since we started going out.

I would tell you what we did on our first date but trust me it wasn't very romantic and to be honest I'm surprised he didn't run away straight after; I'm sure he thought I was an extremely weird person but ah well he clearly didn't mind.

For our second date, only a week later, I travelled up to unknown lands into Newcastle to meet Adam, his brother and his brothers partner, Monica. I think it was definitely a nice weekend :)

People had already heard of me though because for once I was known as 'Emily Smith's sister' even though usually it was the other way around.

Trying to get some intel on photographers... I know it is very late in the day for this type of thing but I'm wanting a professional to do the pictures rather than having someone who is invited to the wedding running around taking pictures. Only problem is, we haven't budgeted for one so I don't know how much they cost or if there is even one available or if we can even afford one. I read an article online today about photographers they said 'if u buy cheap you get cheap' so now I'm worried about not finding a photographer in time or cheap enough... Sigh.

Any ideas are seriously welcome right now

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