Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Packing and Posting

Is it just me or when you're tidying a room it actually gets messier before it gets tidier?

Due to the foot being out of order and consequently me walking on crutches I haven't been able to clean my house properly but since I have been able to get up and about a little more this week I was determined to clean my house a little bit in preperation for moving back to my mums... and eventually to my new house with Adam.

But I found that the only way I could clean my house was to actually make it messier, move things around put things in boxes. My usual philosophy, one I have lived by since I was little and have taken from mum is 'Start in one corner and work your way around' but today I seemed to have started in the middle and made a whirlwind around the living room; after an hour it began to look more like a living room and less like a bombsite.

One more thing puzzling my mind recently is; I am moving to Newcastle/Washington - North and by that time I shall be neither a Bridezilla nor shall I be Bradfordian but rather some sort of hybrid thing, I don't want this blog to disappear into the blogosphere of oblivion but rather I want to keep it but I don't know how I shall keepsake it... should I print it off? What should I do with it? Any ideas would be extremely helpful. Also, my other thought was... what should I call my new blog? I have Grace's Globe but I kind of feel that one has outdated me now so I should grow and move on just as a lot of blogs do... or should I go back to that one after missing approximately 7 months of my life? Again any ideas let me know.

I'm still on the knitting but yesterday, as one does, I got 'slightly' bored of knitting diagonal squares... like yay... :\ so I decided to search the web for '1 ball of wool knitting patterns' and I came across a little heart, and I mean little... it's tiny. So I decided to try one yesterday and it went really well to say it took me a little while to understand the abbreviations but none the less I have a knitted heart I just need to make it a heart and less of a piece of knitted something or another. I shall keep people updated.

Tomorrow is d-day, as in the day I actually tell my mum what is going on with wedding planning and how much I have got so far and where I have got to so far. Fun fun.

It has been a bit harder to post recently because my wireless at my house has been a bit stupid and it's been a bit cold so instead of sitting downstairs watching tv I've been curled up in bed upstairs watching films.


  1. well the knitting sounds cute and you head/thoughts sounds like a spiderweb one question to the other without answera so easy to get lost but no fear answer one at a time and you shall me fine :P hmmm keep with this blog and simple call it hybrid from rags to riches or from weird to wonderful:P im sure u can find something , the greatest artists find there inspiration at random times.xx

  2. Love the pic of you two! V sweet! For the blog how about Bradfordian Bell (Ha! Get it?) on the Move or something similar? Cos I take it you'll be becoming Mrs Bell? Enjoy your knitting, those little hearts are v cute! xx

  3. Hiya, my interwebs didn't tell me I had comments oooo

    Em, my brain is a bit of a mushed up mess but the questions slowly get answered so I am getting there and there is lots of help around so I shall not fear. Haha from rags to riches... what are you trying to say??? lol xx

    Hellooo Caz, ta I think Adam took it when we were on skype with his parents ages ago and I said that it'd didn't actually look too bad so he relished the moment. Yes I am defo becoming Mrs Bell. I have done 3 hearts now! xxx