Monday, 2 January 2012

Lights, Camera and No Action


My editor for Blogspot has changed...dramatically so don't hate me guys if it looks rubbish.
Not done much by way of the wedding today. I have kinda half poached a few things from a few people, mostly little LED lights that will bring a twinkly sparkle to the wedding.

Twinkle lights - shiny shiny
Adam's dad and I went out and bought some LED's for the wedding, the bigger ones are going to be used as a back drop and may be stapled on in some sort of fashionable way that makes them not fall down but look pretty; it is a kind of back up plan that I stole from someone else's wedding, just incase it rains; which it might in May.

Lights for backdrop will look a little different to this as I will just have boards not curtains

We have long LEDs that need to be plugged into a wall that have 8! different settings so if I want to strobe them for like a party evening I can, but I won't; I don't know if anyone is epileptic. I also have small battery powered LED's that will be scattered around the table hopefully looking all twinkly and shiny like stars which will go beautifully with the glass bottles and drinking glasses om nom nom I can just picture it now shiny shiny.
These lights have leads but mine won't :) (Hopefully)
On another note, Adam and I had a really lovely day today we went and got Adam a Mr Grumpy mug (totally fitting) and a punch bag for his desk and I got a journal/diary that for once nobody got me for Christmas last year (which seems a long time ago but was only 2 days ago).

Aka - Adam Bell - Aka Hubby 2 Be
I got to wear my awesomely amazing brand new purple and white etnies, they have fur on the inside and it is literally like wearing uggs on my feet except, sorry people, a lot more trendier (for me anyways). 

P.S. After editing in pictures for this post... I am totally in love with the new format. websters you serve me well.


  1. hey twickle backdrop i sprt of said ages ago but i shall let u off :p x

  2. Miss Emmalooleelilow that is exactly why I did the twinkle drop because your brain inspired me :D