Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Secret Wedding Weapon

I'm trying to decide whether these next few months are going to go fast or slow?

On the one hand the wedding is just over 4 months away; by the time we get married we'll have been engaged 7 months so technically, we're not even half way there yet to the wedding. But, on the other hand the first three months flew by (and it did help that most days kinda merged into one with me being off work).

Not my calender
I am starting to think about the million and one things that I need to get sorted, on the one hand I feel slightly over-whelmed. I mean try planning a wedding pretty much by yourself (I like to have control, just because I want it to go right) but when I look at my diary; at all the information; the bits and pieces of stuff we have going on here and there; the list of things that need to be paid and when they need to be paid, I can see that I have pretty much everything covered. I mean there isn't anything I have left out and yet my brain still goes on a barny... weird.

'It' being the wedding, not sofas.
Pre-wedding is covered, ceremony is covered, photography is covered, reception is covered, after-math is covered so its all covered. Maybe not all yet planned and finito but it is all covered we have ideas and numbers and names etc. just need the gusto to get and go. That'll come at the end of January but with these next weekends very busy what with my birthday on the 23rd and the move home on the 28/29th and going to the registrar on the 4th there isn't really much time for anything else. This is why I have a secret weapon. It is called...

Mum. She won't realise until she reads this but once I hopefully go back to work full time on Wednesday (fingers crossed) I am going to leave all the phone call making and stuff finding to my mum. I mean that is what she is there for and I think with me going back to work it's time for me to use that horrible word that all control freaks hate to use... that word is DELEGATE. I couldn't possibly delegate but I have no choice because I will be at work through the normal working hours, when things are open, and actual lunch breaks are far and few between at the office; so I can't call anyone there. Thus, rendering the bride completely useless for at least, oh I don't know, 10 hours of the day. So, yeah...

Does this sound like a freak out to you? Sounds like a freak out to me. If I keep telling myself it is fine I will hopefully eventually actually believe it is fine. This 'fine' feeling will occur once I am sat at the Reception of our wedding and I am looking out at all the wonderful people who have come to share mine and Adam's big day.

And breath.

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