Monday, 9 January 2012


My mum said apparently in the pioneer times when a young woman was to be married she should have made 8 blankets in her life, well I haven't even finished one or let alone started one... silly pioneer traditions.

However, if they counted for scarves I would be well in, since I think I have made about 3/4 by now. Oh, I'm talking about knitting by the way. It's quite strange because as mum reminded me the other day this time last year I didn't really know how to knit at all. I was knitting in straight lines and in the past 365 days I have made a couple of hats a few patches for a blanket a couple of scarves and that's about it really. I've been a very busy girl.

Not my knitting
Mum is coming over on Thursday to specifically help me make some 'booties' or more commonly known as baby boots. I think it will end in disaster but you never know.

Not much done in the way of wedding planning today, but I suppose knitting is marriage planning in the eventual future when I have pitter pattering feet everywhere (not to mention the screaming all the time).

I haven't seen this in my Calender yet
Something else I am doing in the way of marriage planning is 'syncing' mine and Adam's calenders with this funky one that we bought just a little while before Christmas as it was on sale and made me laugh. That's right a 'HIS & HERS' calender. The month of January it says "Derek had treated himself to a new home cinema with plasma screen, DVD writer, internet connection, record and playback facility and surround sound" then underneath it has a speech bubble coming from the woman saying "If only you could switch it on..." at least Adam isn't that bad.

I just started writing in all the weekends Adam will be here; the weekends I am up there; when his beloved Newcastle United have home matches; my birthday; Emily's birthday; Bethany's birthday; the two weddings we are going to before our own (March & April); when we have to go to the registrars office, I just have to remember to take the calender with me when I move... at the end of this month and let me tell you, my house is in no fit state to be moved. Haha this next four months... is going to be fun.

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