Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Major Minor Themes

I have already discussed the major theme of the wedding, this is what I would call the serious theme the one where everyone goes 'awww'; the one that people see as "traditional", with the flowers, sparkles and glam through out.

I know what you're going to say, 'how can you have two different themes going through a wedding? Surely they would clash?' But you see my friend this is why the extra theme is a minor theme. I say minor because it will only be the little added touches here and there that give the wedding a special 'Adam and Grace' look. More of an Adam look really, but if you think about it the major theme is something that I've really created from scratch and even though Adam has had a voice in it all, he hasn't really voiced it that much... Only because he has pretty much agreed with everything, which is nice but it doesn't make it personal to both of us. It just makes it personal to me.

So that is why, against all other advice I have introduced a minor theme just for the one I love, because let's face it, this wedding according to me is just as much about Adam as it is about me. Haha. I keep talking about this Adam bloke and I've just realised that some of you may not even know who he is. I presume you know what he looks like from my photos but you have no idea who he is... I'll introduce you to him tomorrow.

Back to the mini theme, yes, against all advice (believe me I've had a lot about this) the minor theme is black and white. Or rather, Adam's beloved Newcastle United. I am introducing his loved team for a few reasons, the first mainly being because when I jokingly mentioned something to him about the wedding to do with black and white he laughed, but then I thought 'why - ever - not? hmm... why - ever - not?' It'd give me a laugh and it'll be something of a personal touch of Adam. I don't think he'd even expect it either.

He is going to be wearing Newcastle United cuff links at the wedding, they're not black and white but silver and I rather like them. I think they are very sophist'. Other Newcastle United (black and white) related things at the wedding will include:

Black and White Guest Book

Bowl of Humbugs on each table (couldn't get magpies sorry)

Black and White Table Numbers
Now this last one is the one I jokingly mentioned to Adam which made me think 'why - ever - not' and my personal favourite, because I still think he doesn't believe I am going to do it.

BLACK AND WHITE TIPS!!! Spots are for a reason
The reason for spots shall be made known at a MUCH MUCH later date. If you know the reason for spots, please keep it unknown on here. Thanks! I know, I'm bonkers. But the more I think about it the more I think that this day isn't just any day, it's THE day. I want it to be special. It's going to be stressy, nerve wracking and crazy but most of all I want it to be fun. I think this will make it fun, I love it.


  1. you are insane your right and tutu your letting him slowly push you down next you will be having black and white table cloths :s lol but it does sound kinda cute bless you both hmm nom nom humbugsxxx

  2. Lol Adam hasn't got anything to do with it haha he doesn't even believe I will paint the tips of my nails black and white let alone do any of the other stuff! lol Adam has to do no pushing, I'm mental enough on my own :D