Sunday, 22 January 2012

Programming the Program(me)s

I can never tell the difference between which program(me) to use so I just write which ever one comes to mind first.

Since we've finished designing the invitations I think we'd better get started on at least designing the program(me)s. I haven't been to many Latter Day Saint weddings, in fact if I remember correctly I have only ever been to two. One when I was defintely below 10 years of age and the other was August last year (Rosie & John Jenkinson - their wedding was beautiful) and so because of this minor/major detail Adam and I really don't know how the service is supposed to work. The only things we do know is that we should have two talks; two hymns; a scripture reading; possibly a poetry reading; opening and closing prayer and of course the actual vows!

We've both picked someone we know well to do a talk for us and my friend Aaron may be doing a musical piece; this all depends on time though and what the weather is like, for example, if it's raining outside then we'll do the musical piece because we won't have to rush outside for photos but if it isn't raining we will probably spend quite a bit of time outside.

The ceremony is supposed to start at 11am, but I think I might just turn up, y'know fashionably late. It just depends on how excited I am to be married (in answer to that statement I'd say "UHM EXTREMELY EXCITED"). I think we open with a hymn and I think we've chosen 'How Firm a Foundation' or 'The Spirit of God', but I think we're going with the latter, then there is the opening prayer; a talk; a scripture; a talk then the poem (possibly a musical item) then the vows. I think that's why I chose the dress that I have because it's not very creasable... and I'll be sat down a lot, and don't worry as soon as Adam and I get back from the honeymoon I'll post photos of the wedding and the honeymoon.

The theme for the wedding is 'Wishes Come True' so like a fairytale with a twist because it's a spring fairytale so we'll be using lots of crystals and shiny sparkly things but also incorporate the actual spring wish. A dandelion (not the yellow apparently makes you wet the bed kind) but the white fluffy kind which you blow away and make a wish on in the wind. It will be on everything. The invites, programmes, placecards and possibly the tables.

Still doesn't feel real sometimes. I spoke to the florist about flowers today and I spoke to my friend who is doing the cake tomorrow. She looked at the two - tiered cake in the picture and said, 'yep, I can do that'. I actually want three tiers but I am sure she will be perfectly brilliant.

I told my fiancee and sister yesterday that once we get into February it'll be double digit figures until Adam and I get married. Right now it's 110... I know I'm sad but I'm sure you'd count too.


  1. so have you sent me the invites yet and have you talked to mike about printing them at work if i cant ? and i shall check though tommorow depending on what time i get out of uni.

  2. I need you to check. i haven't asked michael. Not sure if he can do A3. can you find out sometime this week though so you can tell me saturday. I have found a printer place in town (not cheap but in desperation it'll have to do if you can't print them). I have it saved as a PDF if you can open it as that then I'll send you it, if you have Adobe you should be fine. xxx