Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Wifey Prep

I haven't done much in the way of wedding planning today because I've been out and about trying to walk on my foot. But the more I walk on it the more it hurts so now I need more painkillers yay : | Well I am off to the A&E Review clinic on Tuesday so we shall see what they have to say then.

Why do these places look so delightful in sunlight?
Anyway, wifey - prep.

All the cook books I shall procure
I got a cook-book from my sister Emily, (thanks for that) so it means I need to start preparing to be able to cook meals for Adam and I, you know be the adourning wife for when the hard working man comes back from a busy stressful day at work and blah blah blah. Just kidding, I like cooking I just don't do it for more than one person a lot of the time and I can't really afford to cook anything expensive at the moment (anything expensive means anything with more than 4 ingrediants), so at least when I move in with Adam we'll be able to afford some food and less money on petrol.

So I have that book at home with lots of interesting recipes in it and I also bought whilst out today a cook book called "I (heart) sugar" it was in Marks & Sparks, it lookd cute and I had a quick flick through it liked most of the pictures and decided to buy it. It was only when I got this lovely book back to the house that I had a proper scout through and to my loving surprise 80% of the recipes are dead easy and some only even have 5 ingrediants thus not making me raid the bank for any money and still being able to bake my own food, nom nom.

Another wifey - prep thing I did was (or two rather):

Made sure that the Debenhams gift list stuff isn't sent to my mum's address 3 weeks after the wedding but rather to my married address where it will be deemed far more useful.

Booked an appointment at the registry office in Bradford oohhh yeaaaahhh... go me. If any of you object I shall hunt you down and... [insert own horrifying experience here].

Bradford & Keighley Registry Office
Couple of things marriage hopefuls need to know about a registry office:

If you and your partner (fiancee, future hubby/wife to be) are from the same place, WOOHOO go you... to the same registry office.

However, if you and your partner are NOT from the same place like for example Adam and I, you must go to the registry office that your household (in which you are currently living) pays council tax too. So, I will go to Bradford (the lovely photo above) and Adam will go to the one that he pays council tax to. You need give at least 15 days (I think) notice to the registry office between the time you go in and say 'I'm getting married' and the time you are actually getting married, THIS IS A MUST. It will cost you a whole £33.50, each. When you ring up to book your appointment they will tell you on the phone which identification you will need to bring with you.

Saturday 4th February I am officiating the rolling ball of wedding-ness... or something.

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