Saturday, 21 January 2012

Wedding 'W'ramble

This is just a random ramble about stuff going on to do with the wedding.

Weirdly enough, I have just checked my planning schedule for things that need to be done Feb wage and March month and the only things that need to be sorted really are the wedding rings, cake and flowers... Not bad. Slowly getting there. The wedding photography will be an ongoing thing through out the next 3 months but at least now it is sorted.

January/Feb stuff has been sorted and will be done middle of February. I need extra hands in Bradford for a mini period of time for help with the making of invitations and other things like favour bags etc but keep a check on your Facebook for that invite!

The big spends for Jan wage and February month are:

Bridesmaid dresses
Reception Tables (depending on whether I like rectangular tables or not)
Wedding Licences

Sounds good to me. Check check check check. Or rather cheque cheque cheque cheque. *sigh*

For those marriage hopefuls who are on a budget and are paying for the wedding themselves the best and first thing you should do is sit down and decide on an actual monetary and realistic budget. Don't say you're going to make it a £10,000 budget if really you can only afford half that. Write down the list of things you need to buy and when you need to buy them and roughly how much they are going to be (Tip: Websites are really good for this type of thing because they really do give you a ball point general figure of what you should be going for per guest on invites/food etc.).

Writing down when you're going to buy things gives you a focus for the month and a tick list to make sure you can afford something. Getting freebies from other people also helps too because that way it keeps your costs down and ASK people if they know of places that sell/hire things for cheap. I found out the other day that Otley Waitrose does free glass hire with a cheap deposit (only if you break something). So we'll be taking advantage of that!

Also, it isn't cheeky asking friends to lend a hand with the wedding preparations (decorating a room/invites etc.) because they will more than likely give you a helping hand anyway. If you can't think of any way they can help right now, don't worry something will come to you and they'll be there to step in. Only problem with me is I am a bit of a control freak. Why get someone else to do it if you ''think'' you can do better? Sometimes I use this as an excuse but mostly I think I like control because the only person I can let down if I mess it up is myself!

I told you this was a proper wedding ramble. Its only because I don't have anything proper to focus on until I get paid!

P.S. It's my Birthday on Monday.

111 days until the Wedding!


  1. Don't forget I'm home 9th-11th of March and also I'm back for just under 2 weeks at the beginning of April so if you need help doing the favour bags or anything, I can help :)

  2. believe me I'll be asking for it :D x