Saturday, 28 January 2012

Wedding Package

I finally got my wedding package from my lovely friend Amy!

If you are trying to plan a wedding on a budget ask your friends if they have anything from their weddings that you could possibly borrow/buy. I am quite lucky that Amy offered because I probably in fact most definitely wouldn't have asked if I could borrow anything.

Amy told me she had a few bird cages that I could use and a wedding sign that I could use possibly if I wanted to. I was practically jumping in my seat when she told me; I'd been looking at these beautiful bird cages online a couple of days before and the prices were just stupidly ridiculous so I knew I couldn't afford them and had actually decided to take them out of the theme for the wedding, but how could I possibly refuse some when I really loved the ones I'd seen online. I had changed the idea for the reception but I knew I'd fit the bird cages in somewhere and when I saw them today I'm so glad that I did!

I checked online today to see when my package would arrive and it told me the package had tried to be delivered yesterday and they'd left a slip, but mum and I looked everywhere for it; there definitely wasn't a package slip. I was really worried that they wouldn't redeliver and we didn't have a phone number to call so I checked the web again and it said the package had left the depot in Leeds.

So, frantically, I crossed my fingers and hoped it would come today. But, we needed to go to ASDA and I was really worried that we'd be out when they came to drop it off and I needed to go for the 'weekly shop' because I needed food for work so I tried to rush people (Mum & Beth) around ASDA so we could get home. The package came 5 mins after we sat down for lunch and it was HUGE! Well, not huge but it was rather big. I finished my lunch really slowly because I wanted to savour the moment of opening the rather large box sat in my mums kitchen.

It actually said 'This Way Up' facing the way I took the picture aswell
Inside, were the cutest bird cages I've seen and they're actually nicer than the ones I saw online; the wedding sign which I will definitely be using; the twinkle twinkle (LED) lights and some material.

I didn't realise there would be 4!
I <3 this - it is so classic

It was my birthday the Monday just gone and I didn't really do anything for it so getting this package was like a mini birthday package! It was great. Next I have the invitations to arrive... all 75 of them... and the BRIDESMAID DRESSES - which we will be holding our breath for to make sure they come on time; so far we have an estimated arrival of April. Let's hope.

Pretty Pretty Cage!
Now, I'm going out to celebrate my birthday with my wonderful fiancee, my sister (bridesmaid 1.1 - it's her birthday on Tuesday), my other sister, (bridesmaid 1.2), my older brother and his girlfriend/partner Christina! We are going to go kick some butt at bowling!

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