Thursday, 5 January 2012

Men's Suits

Sorry for posting so late this evening I had to get the go ahead from the fiancee before posting these pictures (as they are special special ones).

Adam's mum and I went into town today with one specific aim in mind: to put 8 names down on a suit hire list. We had one place to go to because that was the place where they had the cravats in the colours I liked. This place was:

However, we didn't end up doing that but what we did accidentally do is pick out the men's suits. Adam's mum, Jen informed me that Adam doesn't have a clue about fashion sense which to be honest I quite agree with, not that he doesn't look good in what he is wearing but sometimes he lacks, but I am working on that.

I knew which colours I had in mind but couldn't find the cravats (which are actually called something else in the suit hiring world) that I wanted, so I chose something similar to what I liked and hoped it would look good. Another surprise was that Adam really liked a patterned waistcoat but I really wasn't so sure because it was bright and a bit TOO patterned, but apparently these things really work for weddings because when we added the cravat we liked with the waistcoat that Adam liked we came up with this:

The colour is called claret apparently, and looks more like a red wine to me than anything else but I really love the colour of it which isn't satin (the satin one actually looked awful) and the rustic look seemed much better.

Whilst we were there we thought we owed it to the other men in the wedding party to really help them out and find their suit too so Jen asked me what colour the other bridesmaids would be wearing, I said a sort of green colour. We looked for the green cravat (which remember is actually called something else in the formal hire world) and decided on a very nice sage green colour which to me doesn't look very sage at all. Then the poor man in the store ran around finding all the waistcoats that went with it the green one looked awful, but then I noticed one on the end of the pile which kinda looked green and he told me it was mint. Jen wasn't too sure because who would think that mint and sage go together besides in food? But look at what we came up with:

So all in all, I think a very productive day, and I'll even let you in on a little secret which I shall reveal the picture of tomorrow... I FINALLY decided on a bridesmaid dress... all because I was looking for claret and sage/moss colours. They are amazing and unless we have any lumps and bumps I should be ordering them soon. FINGERS CROSSED. The dress comes in claret and moss; who said deciding to get your suits first was a bad idea!?

Uhm... me actually. Nevermind

Can I just say an extra kudos to the staff at Slaters they were friendly, relaxed, informative, helpful and non stressing which is exactly what you need for your wedding day. They didn't give us gaspful or shocked looks when I told them the wedding was May all they said was, "Yep we can do that for you" (In a Geordie accent... hmmm)

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