Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Moving on up!


Because I couldn't change the name of this blog to the new 'married' name you're just going to have to come and find my new adventures.

I'll make it easy for you though.

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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Just Married

Grace Louise Smith became Grace Louise Bell today after marrying Adam Peter Bell. She was 40mins late and put everyone in a panic, but she looked absolutely beautiful.

With Much Love From The Mother of The Bride xxx

Monday, 7 May 2012

So... What's Next?

We have everything sorted.

So, what do you do when you think you have everything sorted for your wedding? Which is in just over 5 days may I add.

There are a couple of little things left to be finished off, but nothing that will take lots of time.

I am going to my cousin's house tomorrow so she can play around with my hair for mine and Adam's Wedding Day. I have kind of decided what I want doing with it, I just hope it looks okay. I must remember to take my veil and tiara.... which pink plastic and shiney.

Adam asked what my hair would be looking like so I told him "half up and half down with a veil on top" then he looked at me a bit weird, so I said "the only reason I told you is because I know you can't imagine it in your head". So true.

We do need more bottles though, which is slightly worrying me. We went and bought flowers for the Reception the other day and I did a little test run with some of the flowers and fairy lights - it looks extremely good but I think we are about 20 bottles short of having the full set. The idea looks really good though. Apparently, bottles & flowers seems to be really 'in' at the minute, which is really cool because I am never usually 'in' I am always just getting there and then styles change. It's weird though because I didn't even know they were 'in'. I just thought it looked good.

Anyway, back to what you do when you have everything sorted.

Currently, I am getting my emotions stuck into 'The O.C.' right from the beginning; and a series called 'The Killer'... don't judge. I suppose I should be packing, but as anyone from Uni will tell you... I'll probably do this on Friday. If Adam and I were sticking around after the wedding then I would probably pack then but since we're not, it'll wait. On the plus side, I haven't really unpacked since moving back to my mums in January. I'd say 70% of my stuff is still in boxes.

Or, you could go on bored.com ? I hear they have some pretty good games and pics and what not on there.

Oo! On other news! Adam and I will have a couple of little additions to our mini Bell family when we get from our holiday in Spain at the end of June. They'll be called Phadra and Kushka -

The picture isn't the best in the world. But they are the ones on the top left and top middle.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Itsy Bitsy Bits

When I started planning mine and Adam's wedding I don't think I realised just how much was involved. I am happy to say that besides the cake everything has been paid for, and we have a honeymoon booked. Sure, it's Blackpool and sure it's not somewhere abroad like we'd have wanted. But, since neither of us can remember going there before at all - it'll be a good experience to share together.

But when planning you think of the big things, dress, suits, cake, ceremony and reception location; you kinda forget the smaller stuff, like cake stands and decorative flowers in the Chapel room etc. I think the itsy bitsy bits have actually cost us just the same as the bigger bits - thank goodness we haven't had to pay anything towards our Reception location, but it is home and it is where we would like to be. I'm so glad that Adam and I chose to get married in Bradford and I am thankful to all the people who have said they will come, from places as far as Switzerland and Luxembourg! I cannot wait until next week.

So, I know, I know, I've been a little 'lacking' in the blog posting department recently and even though I have loads to tell you, I also have loads to do. This is just a mini catch-up and run down of what has been happening the past couple of days:

Bridesmaid dresses arrived - I posted about that already

Bridesmaid Dresses - Looksee Here!

I went to Costco yesterday and Makro so I'm just deciding which one I like most, but I think I am edging towards Makro, however, I am not sure if they have one in Newcastle. Surprisingly enough they are cheaper than Costco and have a wider range of things. Joyce and I were stood staring at lots of plates, lots and lots of plates, different sizes, shapes, colour, material. My mind was almost boggled. Joyce told me not to settle for anything that I didn't want, but, as I said yesterday "right now, it matters that everything goes and looks perfect, but to be honest, on the day, I won't care, it won't matter' which is true. It won't. If we hadn't have had so long to plan I probably wouldn't have done as much as I have. It'd have been cake and biscuits or something. I also bought more cutlery yesterday too just incase people don't want to use the same knife, fork and spoon all the way through. Yes we were supposed to be borrowing from someone, but, we are just using clear ones now - that has taken a little cost out of the budget that we didn't budget for, so I'm having to sacrifice elsewhere but oh well you have to do what you have to do. So, yesterday at Makro and Costco Joyce and I bought:

Knives, Forks, Spoons
Plastic Cups
Chocolate Jazzies
Chewy Bars

I know I didn't need the last two, but sometimes, you just gotta.

I bought the last of the flowers today for the Reception. Country Baskets didn't seem as daunting as it did before and we fulfilled our mission quicker than last time - 2 hours quicker. I was trying to imagine all my flowers in bottles and we only got a limited amount of flowers due to funds so hopefully it'll look good. I want to create a spring effect and maybe real flowers might have looked and smelt better but oh well what can you do? We bought a lot of flowers that go with the bouquets so it'll look really good on the day before when we set everything up with all the lights and things. It's the itsy bitsy bits that count. That given it that finished overall effect.

At the moment I am slightly addicted to watching 'Say Yes to the Dress' and 'The OC'. Don't ask me why. I obviously need more drama in such a drama filled life.

Things that still need to be done:
Order of two days
Cutting of organza & table roll
Cake knife and cake stand
Design and write thank you cards for all favour bags
Design and write sweet tokens for the sweets table
Organise transport for Reception-y things from house to chapel
Actually set up the reception and chapel room

Full days until the wedding: 8 (and a half)

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Happy World Happy Grace

So far, all planning, is going well. We haven't had any major major hiccups. At one point I honestly thought my bridesmaid dresses were never going to get here. But! Get here they did. Eventually. After 3 attempts. Third time lucky I suppose. But, it is all UPS's fault that the dresses didn't come the second time round - shouldn't have tried to deliver them yesterday when nobody was in.

Here is a little sneak peek of the dresses - you can't see them on anyone though because then that'd ruin the day!

What do you think?

Sure they're a little crumpled, but, wouldn't you be if you had flown all the way from America - taking 5 days to do so.

Adam and I put a timer on our phones and on my laptop and because it asked for the 'hour' we are getting married technically at this point in time, there are 10 days until our wedding. 10. Does this get me nervous? No. Does this get me excited? Well, yeah kinda. But, the thing that got me the most excited was that we received the bridesmaid dresses today. And I finished off and printed the Order of Service yesterday so now everything is pretty much coming together.

Tomorrow I go to Costco with  family friend to buy plates and bowls, then on Thursday (if I can get hold of my flower lady) we will be going to Country Baskets again for more flowers. The house is going to look like a Country Baskets advertisement there will be that many flowers.

We still have to print out sweets tokens, organise the table plan, print out the poems and then, I think, we sit and we wait. Until next week. I am definitely getting excited/nervous/anxious - I started pacing rooms this morning.