Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Happy World Happy Grace

So far, all planning, is going well. We haven't had any major major hiccups. At one point I honestly thought my bridesmaid dresses were never going to get here. But! Get here they did. Eventually. After 3 attempts. Third time lucky I suppose. But, it is all UPS's fault that the dresses didn't come the second time round - shouldn't have tried to deliver them yesterday when nobody was in.

Here is a little sneak peek of the dresses - you can't see them on anyone though because then that'd ruin the day!

What do you think?

Sure they're a little crumpled, but, wouldn't you be if you had flown all the way from America - taking 5 days to do so.

Adam and I put a timer on our phones and on my laptop and because it asked for the 'hour' we are getting married technically at this point in time, there are 10 days until our wedding. 10. Does this get me nervous? No. Does this get me excited? Well, yeah kinda. But, the thing that got me the most excited was that we received the bridesmaid dresses today. And I finished off and printed the Order of Service yesterday so now everything is pretty much coming together.

Tomorrow I go to Costco with  family friend to buy plates and bowls, then on Thursday (if I can get hold of my flower lady) we will be going to Country Baskets again for more flowers. The house is going to look like a Country Baskets advertisement there will be that many flowers.

We still have to print out sweets tokens, organise the table plan, print out the poems and then, I think, we sit and we wait. Until next week. I am definitely getting excited/nervous/anxious - I started pacing rooms this morning.

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  1. do u have anything left from your wedding email me @bouncincostume@yahoo.com