Saturday, 28 April 2012

She's Here, She's There...

She's Everywhere!

Today... has been insane. But incredibly fun. I started at 9:30am and practically stopped by falling asleep at 7:30pm.

We met with our photographer today! Ruth Mitchell is very lovely and friendly. I am so glad that we can have a relaxed working relationship with her because Ruth will be in some of our most intimate moments at the house when I get ready and at the chapel. Adam and I had a pre wedding shoot too and it was so much fun! I have no idea why but Adam was just so funny and we were able to relax and get some really great photos. We showed Ruth around the chapel; and I am sure it used to look a lot bigger - but hey I was 10 or so the last time I remember it properly. There is plenty of space though so no pressure.

Then, Adam and I went to my house, picked up Bethany, and drove into town, to do a swop over and pick up Michael (my brother).

Mike and Adam went up to Newcastle for Adam's stag do - an 11-a-side football match at Chester le Street (I think). I really hope he is having a good time and getting really hyper on shloer or diet coke! Bethany and I went into Leeds - on a mission. We were going to find me some wedding shoes and a tiara, and she was going for some holiday clothes.

We rang Emily in Sunderland to ask if she had gotten the rest of the bridesmaids cardigans and shoes, but she said no, and told us she was getting up right that second to go into town and get them.

We went into the first shop, with extremely high hopes as we'd seen shoes online that we really loved, and there they were. We asked for them in a 6, but because of the way they are made and the way my feet were already a little swollen, the shoes wouldn't fit on, I asked for a 7, but they didn't have them in my size. I asked for another shoe in a 6 but they didn't have it, and the other shoes we tried on that we had high hopes for just didn't really scream 'WEDDING'.


Emily rang Bethany and I, and told us that the shop that we were buying the cardigans from didn't have Bethany's size in stock and wouldn't have it in before the wedding if we ordered it. Emily was panicking (I am sure this is my job) because we needed to get the cardigans. I told Emily to breath (I am sure this is Emily's job) and we would sort it. We checked if there was a 'Select' store in Leeds, but the closest one was at the White Rose Centre and Emily told me the closest available 18 to her, was in Peterlee. I said if there was a problem then we could order the 18 from the internet, but then I had a brain wave.

My friend, and collegue, Carolyn, lives next to the White Rose Centre, so I rang her and after lots of pleases asked her if she could possibly go into the White Rose Centre if she wasn't too busy (please) and to go to Select (please) to see if she could find the lemon cardigan we needed (please) in the size 18 (please). Carolyn said she'd let me know...

...At this point Bethany and I have been into about 8/9 different shoe shops and have completely given up hope on ever seeing a white pair of shoes that I won't fall over in. It wasn't even that they were out of my budget because they weren't, they just weren't easy to walk in, or the shop didn't have any. Then we remembered we were in there to shop for Bethany too, so we had a break from shoes, shoes, shoes and had fun shopping for Bethany's holiday to Spain.

After that we went into a shop for some shoes and went into their Bridal section and saw tiaras. So, Bethany was my tiara stand as I tried on about 6. We found this really beautiful one that was big enough to look pretty but delicate enough to look elegant. I was just about to buy it when I found a child's tiara, that was soo much better than mine! No Fair. So I bought that one instead.

Carolyn found the cardigan and bought it for us!!! YAY!!!

It got to about 5:20 and Bethany and I are really starting to drag our feet because of the shoes, I mean we had looked in every place we thought possible, we knew we had a couple of shops left but just as we thought they weren't the best, and didn't really have anything in. In the end we got a completely different pair of shoes to what I had originally wanted but they are still really nice, AND COMFORTABLE; which is the main thing.

All in all, we got the shoes, we got the tiara, we got some deliciously scrummy food, we got some little extras for the wedding and Bethany got her clothes for Spain, well some of them.

I shall let you know, which photo's we pick from the shoot with Ruth today!

Next on the agenda:

Flowers, Food, Cake & Cosco.

Days Until The Wedding - 13!!!!