Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Up with Love, Down with UPS


I officially dislike UPS. The courier service. They're annoying. Them and their stupid brokerage charges...

My dresses are in the UK, they were in Castle Donington (wherever that is), from Castle Donington they were transfered to Dewsbury; which is where they shall now stay until UPS receive their stupid brokerage charge. I wish people who had used UPS before had warned me of the brokerage charge that can be anything from £10 to £100... great.

So, now the dresses are in Dewsbury. However, until we get them here and open them (possibly tomorrow, possibly Tuesday) we won't know if all 5 dresses are in the package because mum said the box looks kinda small for 5 adult bridesmaid dresses, which is now stressing me out even more. It'll be fine. The dresses, I told mum, are just vacuum packed for smaller packages and less postage. It's a good thing the box is so small, I hope.

Adam picked our wedding rings up today and now he has to guard them with his life, his eternal one, not just this one. He sent me a picture and they look amazing. I can't wait, it is going to be so awesome! The rings even come in their own little HSAMUEL boxes. I love HSAMUEL. Anyone wanting to get engaged/married go to HSAMUEL. In every store I have been in they are friendly, relaxed, not rushing you out of the store, patient, helpful, they're great.

Rings, bridesmaid dresses, I am sure there was something else.... shoes!!!

Wedding shoes!!

Anyone that reads my blog and is married and got married in a white dress, can you please tell me where you got your shoes from? I don't know if it is just me being picky or whether it is just simply because there are no really nice white wedding shoes out there. I have looked on pretty much every single UK website I could find and in every high street retailers, and nothing. I know the majority of women get married in ivory these days and therefore the demand for ivory has gone up and the demand for white has gone down, but seriously.... Debenhams had NO WHITE SHOES at all. None. They must have had about 50 pairs of shoes in their Bridal collection and not one was white. So, if any of you have any good suggestions for places to buy wedding shoes please let me know!

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