Thursday, 5 April 2012

Majorly Awesome Things

So, there has been loads going on this week!

I haven't posted every day mainly because I've been so busy making bags... lots of bags. Every day.

But, also because if I tell you everything and show you everything that is going to be at the wedding then you'll not actually want to come because you'll have seen everything.

Lots of majorly awesome things happened this week.

Everything I ordered from the internet got delivered... One thing got delivered Tuesday and I only ordered it on Saturday. Not bad for timing or posting at all.

 I got to buy some really lovely wrapping paper from a shop where it was like 75% off... so I thought, "Thank you very much!" I bought 8 rolls and now I think half the staff in Wilkinsons now know I am getting married in 5 weeks. I was at the checkout and they asked what the wrapping paper was for so I said I was making 150 bags for my wedding. They asked when it was and I told them it was in 5 weeks time. (Grace 1 Wilkinsons 0)

Then I asked a guy if they had double sided sticky tape and they showed me where it was but then I asked how much I would need for all the wrapping paper I was using. He asked what I was using it for so I said for favour bags, for my wedding.... and then I slyly may have possibly added that I was getting married in 5 weeks (Grace 2 Wilkinsons 0). I paid for the double sided tape in the dowstairs area of Wilkinsons, at this point nobody asked what I was using it for but I thought I might aswell tell them anyway.... (Grace 3 Wilkinsons 0).

Then, yesterday I got even more post. Even more Reception things! Yay!

But, today. Today was the best.

Also delivered today 13 Pistachio 3 Yellow
 Today I got my piece of paper that said I can get married. I can officially get married. In the eyes of the law there is no reason why I cannot get married to Adam. Yay! But, on a sidenote, the people in the Registry office really need to like smile or something, or take a chill pill or have some chocolate because they are the grumpiest most depressing people ever. Someone should teach them to smile. I was on the weddings floor not the registry of sad things (like the d word). So yeah, I really need to put this piece of paper somewhere that it won't get lost.

AND!!!! TODAY!! My florist and friend, Sarah, brought my flowers over to my house!!! All of my bridesmaids flowers and my flowers. They. Are. Amazing.

Speechlessly amazing. The flowers had to come here because Sarah has a cute, but quite destructive child (so she says), so we had to take them. I don't mind though. I have been staring at them on and off for a few hours.

Only a select few get to see them though! Sorry! You'll just have to wait.

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  1. Thats it you have officially lost the plot :p x