Friday, 6 April 2012

Now, That's Fascinating...

We (meaning Bethany and I) went shopping with mum today for her dress for the wedding. We thought it'd be a good idea to make sure mum gets something before there is a mad rush to get everything done and she ends up going in just her underwear.

I think we did very well actually. Bethany and I went through the whole of one floor of Debenhams and picked out lots of dresses we thought mum should try on. We didn't pick any really long ones but we picked some very pretty ones. We got to the dressing room with 10 dresses that Bethany and I had picked and 1 dress that mum picked. On one dress went, then off, then on went another dress, then off; we got through about 6 of the dresses before mum found one she really liked and Bethany and I agreed. It was only at this point that we realised it was the 1 dress that mum had actually picked out herself to try on. What are kids for really besides to make your life harder? We were very influential in the choosing of mum's dress, if she hadn't tried on all the ones Bethany and I had picked then she wouldn't have known that she definitely didn't want them, but, in fact had wanted the one dress she chose to try on.

So, with the dress out of the way we got onto a pair of shoes. We didn't find any of those in Debehams. Just a side note: if you're wanting to get Bridal shoes from Debenhams and you have a white dress, then go somewhere else. They had four racks of 'Bridal' shoes and NONE of them were white. They were all ivory and the shoes they did have that were white, were very high heels (1 pair) or very summery (wooden wedges). We went into M&S for mum's shoes; which she picked straight away.

Two shops two things bought. Mum sorted.

But, the funny thing about today was that Bethany and I were trying to get  Mum to buy a fascinator. She hates them. Doesn't see the point of them, and thinks they will make her head funny.

Well, some of them were so pretty hilarious, and did make her head look very elongated. I guess they're supposed to be big and all over the place but I know I'll never wear one unless it doesn't look so over the top like the ones we same today. I mean, one of them was so big I don't think anyone could sit within half of metre of me because it went so far out on my head. I'd probably poke someone's eye out...

I wonder why fascinators always look better on someone else but never good on me. We had a good laugh anyway.

Food, Flowers and Cake on the agenda for the end of April, which brings us to 2 weeks before the wedding. Ahhhhhh

37 favour bags down (a friend has another 19) 46 down - 104 to go....

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  1. Sounding good and well and track and cant belive i missed all the drama and fun sounds like you had a great time :S lol and well those hat things dont look good on most people so i wouldnt worry about it . Will see you soon and love the pictures xx