Monday, 16 April 2012

Tip for the Toast

If you want to buy drinks (non-alcoholic or otherwise) whatever you do, do not ring customer services at any large supermarket, just go in and buy it.

ASDA is the culprit at this time. I have been trying to order lots of bottles of shloer and J20 from them and you'd think I was Einstein giving them an equation to solve. I have been trying to get hold of them since last Wednesday to make sure they have in enough shloer and J20 for our wedding-ly needs but maan. I was told someone would ring me back Thursday, they didn't. I rang them Saturday and was told someone would ring me back and they didn't. I rang them again today and was told by a member of their staff "well nobody rang you back because if the prices change and we order you in 100 bottles of shloer and you don't have enough money to pay for them then we are stuck with lots of stock we don't need"


1. I didn't actually tell her how much money we had to spend so wouldn't have had a clue of whether or not we could pay for all the bottles of shloer that we want.
2. How on earth is that an excuse for no-one to get back to me.
3. Surely they'd ring me back and explain this to me.

When I told that actually we do have enough to spend for the 100 bottles of shloer, amongst other non-alcoholic drinks, and not that it was her business anyway to decide whether or not I had enough money, she put me through to someone else - without even telling me.

This other person, apologised, and I finally thought I was getting somewhere until...

...They took my number and told me they'd ring back at about 1:30pm, unless they meant 1:30 am (highly doubtful).

So, you guessed it. Nobody rang me back. I think this is appauling customer service for someone who is actually wanting to spend so much in store. Therefore, tomorrow I am going in and buying as much as they have in stock of all the drinks I want and putting in a formal complaint against the customer service at Rooley Lane, Bradford, ASDA.

I mean, you'd think they'd actually want me to spend my money?! Apparently not. I don't care if they are the cheapest around, and I will still be going to them anyway but the fact that I have to go in and sort it out myself like literally go in and buy it in a trolley and take it home in a taxi is disgusting. If I'd known, I'd have just done that in the first place. 

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  1. Okay now thats just plain rude stupid stuck up people just because they work at a green 24 hour joint they think there god. And are they photos of your bottles ? and you go girl just be careful when pushing the troll you could have a ripple effect of smashing :S hopefully not though :S