Saturday, 14 April 2012

Being Bridezilla

Whilst I have a spare minute I shall post.

We went to a wedding yesterday which was awesome. Everyone kept coming up to me and saying, "Not long now"... Yeah and don't we know it!

4 weeks today. Adam and I will be married. We both, now have the piece of paper that says we can get married all we need to do is not lose it.

We have everything sorted except the bridesmaid dresses which are due to arrive on the 20th of April. At the moment I am not really panicking since we still have a little time for them to come and make adjustments if needs be, it's just if something happens and we are still waiting for the dresses the week before, then, a word of warning, stay away from me. I may be an emotional time bomb waiting to blow up.

Adam and I sorted the table plan today. Or rather I did it and Adam made changes where necessary. We think we have everyone where we want them to be but sometimes it was just so hard to place people. I mean, we have invited people we want at the Reception because they are the closest people to us and we want to share some extra time with them, so of course we want them all to be right next to us. But I'm afraid someone is just going to have to be at the back. So, I'm sorry whoever you are at the back but we didn't place you there on purpose, we just placed you there because it was either that or everyone just sitting in a big circle around the Bride and Groom... oops sorry yeah, Adam and I.

Savoury food is now completely sorted. We are still waiting to hear about cutlery and plates. We haven't done the order of service or the order of the day for those that need it i.e. wedding photographer and people with cars. We haven't sorted any sweet foods but we are on the way with doing that and...

...Any ideas on how we can keep the drinks cold? I reckon it'll have to be a traditional ice bath full of bottles. But things are on their way to being sorted. Oh, and I still need to get my shoes.

Sorry for not posting for a few days I am going to try and post every day from now on because I feel my blog is a little like a soap opera, and people have to know what is going on.

Well, to be honest, at the minute not very much. I am finishing work in two weeks so I am pushing myself to get the NVQ that I started, finished and I am also trying to make sure I have everything else at my mums packed and ready to go when I move up North, to Newcastle. Lots of changes going on which will all come into affect after we get back from our Honeymoon on the 19th May 2012.

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