Sunday, 15 April 2012

Fields of Thought

So far this week we haven't had any major hiccups with regards to the wedding planning, and I hope I'm not jinxing myself when I say that. But, if I am then at least we will know this whole jinxing malarky is actually real.

For anyone who prays can you please give Adam and I a little shout out for no rain on our big day. I don't mind if it rains a couple of days before and immediately the day after but y'know I have got to have something to work with.

I realised on the 12th as I was travelling up to Newcastle that it would be the last time I get the train to Adam's before we get married; and fingers crossed the last time I have to get a train for a long time. I also realised it was exactly a month to the date before we get married which is quite sweet. Then, major reality kicked in earlier this evening when I realised that this weekend is the last weekend I'll be up in Newcastle before we get married and the last time I see Adam's parents before the big day!

We still don't have bridesmaid dresses which are due to apparently arrive in 5 days and we are well on our way to buying the bridesmaids cardigans and shoes, just need one bridesmaid to get hers sorted and then we are all okay.

I go through bouts of calmness and craziness. I can really see how some people refer to the bride as a Bridezilla. I may have jabbed and poked a few times when things haven't gone my way but hey, if now isn't the time to be selfish then when is? I'd rather be 100% happy with things then just pretend. Sometimes however, I really don't mind at all - the brain boggles. It really does.

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  1. But you got to remeber the best thing to do is smile it makes things feel better :) dont worry be happy , because every little thing is going to be okay. xxx see u soon sis tell me as soon as the dresses come because im actually down for abbies b-day on the 24th so could sort my dress out then xxx love you