Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Bridezilla Wins!!

Grace 1 - 0 ASDA

I went to ASDA yesterday, marched in with a trolley up to the drinks isles and proceeded to put as much J20 and Shloer into my trolley as I could. I got to 17 cases of J2O and 22 bottles of Shloer... This would not do at all. I needed 100 bottles of Shloer.

I grabbed the nearest customer service assistant to me and asked them for help. Apparently, they were there when I rang last week regarding all the bottles of Shloer that I wanted, so I'm famous... In ASDA anyway. I told them I was getting married in 3 and half weeks and was getting incredibly bored of being told I'd get a call back from their trade manager for the drinks I needed to order, so in the end I came in. They agreed with me. Since I was alone I asked them to go get another trolley (I did ask nicely I promise), so off they went as I carried on trying to pile more bottles of Shloer into my trolley... Goodness knows what anyone thought, not like I cared at that point in time.

When he came back with my second trolley we started filling it up with even more bottles but it just wasn't working and it was taking forever, so in the end I asked him (nicely) if there were any packaged drinks out the back we could have instead of putting the bottles in one by one, good for the arm muscles but not the packaging of glass bottles. He said he'd go check, as I was slowly depleting ASDA of their Shloer stock.

He took ages out the back at one point I actually thought he was stood watching CCTV with other members of staff laughing at me putting bottles in the trolley one by one but eventually he came back with 4 packaged crates of Shloer and 6 packaged crates of J2O AND A BIG MASSIVE CARRIER TROLLEY... thing. It was one of those huge ones that they have all the boxes on when putting out stock.

This guy and I filled up this tray trolley thing with 8 x 12 crates of Shloer, 6 x 4 crates of J2O and the trolley was then filled with 11 x 4 crates of J2O, 4 x 4 (2ltr) Sparkling Water, 2 x 12 cans of tonic water and 4 bottles of Shloer.... It was really fun. I didn't even have to carry a thing.

The woman at the checkout won't forget me in a hurry either! She had to put through 52 bottles of shloer seperately.... whilst the guy on the other end put them back in boxes and celotaped them together.

I called a taxi firm that didn't have a mini-van available but said they'd send a big taxi and we went to wait outside with all my drinks...

...Oh and cat food, eggs, yeast and a capri-sun, because I was thirsty.

The taxi I called broke down so I had to call a different one which came a little later. The taxi driver was awesome and extremely friendly. We packed his car choc-a-block FULL of glass bottles and off we went. He unloaded the whole of his car without a single moan and only wanted normal fare for helping me. So I gave him a little extra fare for being so nice.

So, at least 3 members of staff at ASDA now know I am getting married in 3 weeks and so does the taxi-driver, aswell as the staff in Wilkinsons that I notified the other day. It's all good.

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