The Girls

My Chief Bridesmaids

Bethany & Emily

I have to put them both together on a picture because one cannot come before the other. One is as important as the other. I don't know if you know but they are both my sisters. One helps with fashion the other helps with organisation but both have helped with the Wedding, loads. 

My Other Bridesmaids

Isobel, Hannah & Cecily

I went to Uni with these three lovely ladies. I have a picture of Izzy and I in first year of Uni and we just look SO YOUNG! I started chatting to Cecily just before first year of uni and we've been close friends ever since!

I like my wedding party spread all over Britain really:

Bethany - Preston
Emily - Sunderland
Isobel - London
Hannah - Worcester
Cecily - Bath

This can make planning quite hard, but hey... I love a challenge.

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