Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Ins and Outs

This Easter weekend has been so crazy. We've had my sisters at my mum's which means some serious girly catch-up time but it also means I don't get to post because I am so busy talking not typing. Sorry.

Not much has gone on though. We've finally got someone to do food for us. The amazing thing is, we are just going to give them the list and they're going to buy the food. Perfect. That's one responsibility off my hands and still another 50 in the balance.

Wedding planning is supposed to be a fun experience and I think between the stress outs and grumps it has been a very interesting time that I would never like to repeat again. The wedding ceremony and Reception seem to be pretty much sorted now. We just need to move on to the table plan, but I've no idea how my fiancee and I are going to do that because he's never here. We'll have to have a skype conference call or something.

We are torn between the idea of putting people next to people they know or putting them next to people they don't know. I think a lot of my friends would just about talk to anyone so there is no worry there. Then of course there are the whisperings of 'Oh now you can't put that person there, or that person there' but people shall just have to sit where we want them to sit. Afterall, it is only a day.

Next month we've had a blessing in the disguise of cakes and buns and sweet treats which means I've been able to put some money aside for my tiara and shoes. I could go in my bare feet but who knows what will be on the floor and I walk pretty flat footed... I know my name is Grace but I am certainly not the most Grace-ful person I know. I'll just have to learn how to walk properly.

Checking the List
Design, organise and write an order of the day for the Ceremony for guest
Organise and write an order of the 11th and 12th for the Wedding party (where people need to be)
Organise and write down a list of people we need for setting up the wedding, preparing food, handing out food and cleaning up after the wedding
Buy and pick up 5 bridesmaids pairs of shoes and shrugs for the day
Go shopping with my florist again to get flowers for the Reception
Contact someone regarding borrowing cutlery and plates for the wedding - if they dont have enough then we're pretty much screwed.
Making 140 favour bags
Design and write thank you cards for all favour bags
Design and write sweet tokens for the sweets table
Make sure we have a cake stand and cake knive for the day
Get Aaron and Haley to practice musical item & isle music
Organise transport for Reception-y things from house to chapel
Organise seating plan and write out as necessary
Actually set up the reception and chapel room

So, even though we've done a lot of things on the list already there are still other little niggles here and there that need to be sorted. They are kind of in the forefront of my mind but we are getting there with a lot of them.

The favour bags are definitely a work in progress. Last time I counted I think we had about 90ish. So that's not bad. We are still looking forward to seeing you all at the wedding.

 Oh, and if you read this and you know me from school, when I was younger etc. and you want to come to my Wedding Ceremony then please let me know. It's probably a bit late to try and book any time off work but in case you're reading this and think that you might really want to come along, it's not that I don't like you and haven't invited you it's just because my family is so big and Adam's family is so big we've had to put those people first.

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