Sunday, 1 April 2012

Random Bridal Rambling

I have been posting in this blog on and off since October 8th 2011, which seems ages ago now. I saw a screenshot of my desktop screen when I first got my countdown calender and it said 177 days to go... where on earth has 137 days gone?

We started making favour bags today. It is actually cheaper to make them than to buy them, thank goodness. They are being made out of wrapping paper because we don't want them to be too thick but just heavy enough to hold what we need in them. We got 19 bags from 1 sheet of 50p wrapping paper. I love the paper though! It's not red like I originally thought but it's actually white with red spots... sort of a spots theme going on, I wonder why?

When Mum and I started making 'mock' bags it was really interesting to see that so many people have so many different ways of making paper bags. Mum knew one, I found one online and then after all that we've chosen to make them from a completely different design altogether.

(I would put the video in but for some reason Youtube on blogger doesn't think it exists - but it does)

We've actually on just cut out 19 A4 sized pieces of wrapping paper to put into bags, just need another 131... I suppose it'll keep me busy. But already my list of things to do has gone down quite a bit. My auntie is going to do the sweet's tokens for me, and once we give her the details of the Order of Service I am leaving all of that in her *fingers crossed* capable hands. My auntie is very artistic though so I should be okay. Just the control freak inside me, and I don't like telling people to change something if it's not what I want... I feel bad. Anyway, so this is what we have left to do:

Design, organise and write an order of the day for the Ceremony for guest (meeting with Bishop next Sunday to discuss this)
Organise and write an order of the 11th and 12th for the Wedding party (Yeeahh.... we'll get there on this one)
Pay the photographer (2/3 done)
Pay the sweets table lady (90% done)
Organise and write down a list of people we need for setting up the wedding, preparing food, handing out food and cleaning up after the wedding (Yeaahhh.... I wrote the list just needs organising)
Buy and pick up 5 bridesmaids pairs of shoes and shrugs for the day (14th April)
Organise and write a list of food for the day that will feed the five thousand (written just needs organising)
Go shopping with my florist again to get flowers for the Reception (Beginning of May)
Buy food and drink for the day (Yeaahh... we'll get there on this one HELP)
Contact someone regarding borrowing cutlery and plates for the wedding - if they dont have enough then we're pretty much screwed. (the person we need to contact is on holiday - how useful lol)
Making 140 favour bags (work in progress)
Design and write thank you cards for all favour bags (waiting until we get some engagement pictures taken, we're going to use those for the thank you cards - 28th April)
Make sure we have a cake stand and cake knive for the day (was borrowing a cake stand from someone at church but not heard anything recently)
Get Aaron and Haley to practice musical item & isle music (next week)
Organise transport for Reception-y things from house to chapel (hmmm.... any volunteers)
Organise seating plan and write out as necessary (will happen few weeks before wedding, when we know who is coming)
Actually set up the reception and chapel room (week before wedding)

So, I do have sort of everything planned and although the list isn't much shorter a lot of things are in the process of getting sorted. We'll get there.

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