Saturday, 31 March 2012

Same Old Saturday

I know it might seem to some that I'm not very excited about mine and Adam's wedding but I assure you I am. I am very excited about it. I am just not 'normal girl' excited about it. But I do like to talk about it at every given oppotunity that I can. I mean I started randomly talking to this woman who worked in Boyes today about tiaras, little did I know that she already knows about my wedding since she's a member from Bradford, but how was I supposed to know that?! She just got to find out some more information anyway.

Oo people!!!! 6 WEEKS TODAY!! You can tell that it's getting close because I've stopped counting down the months and started counting down on my fingers! Well I have got a lot sorted today and in the past few days it's just still this stupid food matter. I mean, we have to get prepared 225 sandwiches.... and we want to home cook/bake a lot of things so we're needing to put a list together of how much we need of each specific thing and then ask people at church if they can roll their sleeves up, get their aprons on, get the family involved and start baking. Annoyingly enough though, baking and cooking and making can only be done earliest a couple of days before the wedding, which is in 6 weeks... did I say?

We need 5 groups of people, some people can be in more than one group and no group is cooler than the other. We need groups that will:

Cook the food before the wedding
Set up the chapel with us
Prepare the food on the morning of the wedding
Serve the food at the Reception
Clean up the mess than nearly 150 people make.

Any volunteers??

On other news, today I bought lots of things for the Reception.

Got to love internet shopping. I stayed on budget for pretty much everything besides the stuff I can't add up properly so that's why it wasn't right in the first place. But I bought:

Wedding Guest Book
Battery Powered LED's
Crystals for Tables
Table Runners & Chair Bows
Car Ribbon
Table Banqueting Roll

So that's it. All sorted for the reception (except for the flowers). You'll have some nice, beautiful tables to sit at, but with no food. It's all good. You can just talk and we'll order pizza!

Just kidding.

I'll get it sorted. Honest. Just not this week because the chapel isn't open tomorrow because of General Conference, so looks like it'll be next Sunday, AHH! Easter Sunday!

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