Friday, 16 March 2012

Adam's Footmen & Reception Speeches

 I've introduced you to the girls before my wonderful bridesmaids. If you need a bit of a recap just click the 'The Girls' tab at the top of this post, just below the 'Grace Smith & Adam Bell - May 2012 Mrs B to B' and you'll see it along there. Anyway, so you've been introduced to them BUT I haven't introduced you to Adam's footmen. His ushers. The guys you'll meet at the door with Adam when he is absolutely bricking it on the day we get married. These will be the good guys that'll show you around if you get lost and will help you with food and directions etc.

Adam's Best Man & Brother - James (with my gorgeous nephew to be - Leo)

Aaron Vigour - One of Adam's closest friends... who has a cat called either Sunny or Sonny

Michael Smith - My brother

Aaron Newland-Bentley - see below for explanation

Dan Cain - hilarious guy again one of Adam's good friends. (Doesn't have any good pics on his FB to steal)

 Reception Speeches!!

At first it was just going to be Adam's brother, James, and my dad, doing a speech but then when I thought more about it I realised it'd be really lovely for my sisters to say a speech especially because Emily has known Adam for a few years now and obviously I guess she's known me a couple or so, maybe 21years...

Then, I couldn't imagine leaving my best friend, Aaron, out of the equation because I've known him for too  long to not ask him to do a speech during the Reception. He said he can't talk at the Reception because he knows he'll cry but I've asked him and pushed him enough and I know he'll do it for me - that is if he gets himself sorted for suit!

So, now, it's Adam's brother, James, my dad; my sisters; my best friend and Adam doing a speech... so be ready to listen to lots of funny jokes. All from Aaron of course! Haha

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