Sunday, 18 March 2012

Bride 101

It's not always easy you know. Being a bride.

You have to co-ordinate people and be very organised. Both of which I am very rubbish at. You try to delegate but don't forget who you've given jobs to because otherwise you could be giving two people one job - which actually sometimes isn't a bad thing. For example, we asked two people to get back to us re: tables for the Reception and only one person has still got back to us, but we're getting there.

A wedding organiser is the best way to go with anything. Any ideas; any passing comments; any ideas of creativity note them down because something you think about and really like the idea of could be forgotten the moment you wake up the next day - some would say that's because it probably wasn't a good idea in the first place but try saying that to my sister. Bethany and I sat down to sort out favours but she swears that apparently I keep forgetting something.

So besides being co-ordinated and organised (I know, I know, you can stop laughing at me now) you also need to value your fiancee's opinion and your opinion more than other people's. It's your wedding not anyone elses, if they want to say what you should or shouldn't have then tell them (kindly) to get married themselves or get married again. It is you and your fiancee's big day and I know from the outside it looks a lot like it's my big day and Adam is just a tag-along but he sorted out the Ceremony and should be working on a photography list for our Photographer - Ruth Mitchell.
Right, we have, being co-ordinated, organised, opinionated, next is something that stands in line with being opinionated but it is, being decisive and speaking up about your own ideas. I'll share this example with you because it's a perfect one. People who know me know that I very much dislike upsetting others and like to just go ahead and agree with anything and everything, if someone has taken the time to do something for you then who are you to moan (something our mother taught us) so when an old family friend, and also our wedding cake maker came up to me today and showed me the designs for our wedding cake at first I really liked the idea's that she'd come up with. I'd sent her an email with four cakes on it and wanted to combine 3 of them with the overall idea being focused on one specific cake. But, as I kept saying yes and kept agreeing with the ideas she'd brought to me I kept having a small niggling feeling "this isn't the right cake, this isn't what you wanted" and I kept staring at the photo of the cake that I'd sent her that I really liked. So, in the end, and I felt awful trust me, I told her what I really really did want and she was fine with it.

So, brides must be, co-ordinated, organised, opinionated, decisive but most of all they must 'try' to be patient and fun, take things with a pinch of salt. Not everything is going to work out straight away unless you're like a god or something. You will experince pickups and hiccups but it's how you deal with them that makes all the difference.

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  1. I think you should get married in that hat :)