Saturday, 17 March 2012

Care Kit for the Day

So, imagine this:

The big day arrives and you're stood waiting to go down the isle, everything is set. Your bridesmaids are there; your father is waiting nervously on your arm and you are stood there trying to remember some calming, soothing techniques before you pass out when all of a sudden... one of your flowers tries to wriggle free from your bouquet or, a curl that your hair stylist thought was sprayed on so tight it wasn't going to move, decides to uncurl from your head or, one of your hair clips falls out or, low and behold I hope this never happens to me, but, your dress gets accidentally stood on and part of it gets crumpled/torn.

If the thought of all that hasn't stressed you out enough what about...

Your tights get a ladder in them!

What are you going to do?

Well, in this situation your handy and most wonderful bridesmaids will have already prepared a care kit for you so in the event any of the above issues arise you don't need to panic and they will sort everything for you.

Right, got it. But, one question, what exactly goes in the care kit bag?

Pretty much anything, everything you can carry.

A mini first aid kit (why not)
Sewing kit
Hair grips
3 pairs of tights (who knows)
Deodorant & Perfume
Make-up bag (for all those touch ups between photographs) BRIDE MUST NOT TOUCH ANY OF THE THINGS IN THE MAKE UP BAG
Spare jewellery (incase you accidentally lose an earring - you never know)

It is the maid of honour's job or just the bridesmaids' job in general to look after this bag and to keep it with them at all times (except for when you are going down the isle). At the moment we are in the process of deciding a designated room for my things to go in so that when I need to, I can have 5 minutes in there sorting myself out - with my entourage of course.

The bag can be as little or as big as you want, but the bigger the better. If you can think of anything else PLEASE let me know.

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