Monday, 26 March 2012

Calling in for a Catch-up

Wow, sorry I haven't posted since last Thursday!!

A few things have happened since then.

I was worrying for ages about how we were going to tackle the problem of the bunting for the wedding because, 1. I don't have enough hands, 2. Ready made it was very expensive and 3. We need enough to cover the whole of the chapel. But, Ruth Choi was my saving grace! She mentioned that they still had the bunting from her daughter's wedding last August and offered to let me borrow it, so how could I possibly turn it down?! I must have thanked her a million times. As Adam said, "stress levels have gone down about 25%" which brings them from 1,000,000% stressed to.... 750,000% stressed. We're getting there, all for one day.

I like how Adam and I haven't really budged on what we want for the wedding. Some people's expressions or remarks at what we are doing for the wedding haven't been best pleasing but I really don't mind. I'm glad that both Adam and I are very happy with what we are doing for the Reception and how homely it will all feel. This is a day to celebrate with the people we care about most not a day of "Keeping up with the Jones'" and I like that because then it makes it more personal. It'll still have the awww factor though, don't you worry!

This months wage is going on:

Reception Things
Sweets table

Next months wage is going on:

Roughly each month works out at about the same. Then, I'm done. Just rings and honeymoon to pay for.

Also, today I very easily booked the free hire glasses for the wedding from Waitrose in Otley. I had previously signed up with them so I could order over the phone and I just need to pick them up, just like that on the 11th of May. We've gone for the morning because I presume the afternoon will be quite busy, and they didn't even give me a time of when I needed to take them back but I'm going to ask them when I go up to collect.

At least that's one thing ticked off the list!

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