Sunday, 4 March 2012

All's Well...

... That ends well.

Today has been very lovely, and its still not over. I'm just having a quiet moment whilst Adam chauffeur's some suitcases to a hotel.

It was and still is a very beautiful wedding (and I'm not just saying that because the bride reads this blog). The couple look stunning and very happy, Adam said "well obviously they're happy they've just got married" but he was joking. It is quite hard actually to explain the "happy" that you see in people that are in love, its just a look or a sigh or the fact that the lovely Barbara was leaning in to Rik all the time.

We've been spoilt with a 3 course meal complete with pate, chicken roast and a strawberry cheesecake... Yummmmmy!

I'm quite glad we are going to another wedding before our wedding because it seems to have kick-started wedding fever in Adam's brain because every two minutes he was saying "at our wedding can we do this or that" I think its finally clicked that he's getting married in 68 days! Ah!

I won't give away too much of Barbara's wedding details until I ask her if its okay but one of the ideas she realised is a really awesome one that i decided against doing a while ago, but they really looked fabulous...

...and I totally agree with her wedding dress since I tried it on a while ago from the same place!

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