Saturday, 10 March 2012

Bridal Showering Hens

Because that's what they all were this evening let's face it.

My lovely hens were showering the bride (me) with love, friendship, affection and cute pressies! But the most important thing is that they were all there to wish me and Adam (Adam and I?) a happy marriage.

I was allowed to get there slightly fashionably late, a couple of people trotted in after me. As soon as I got through the door I was hurried off to a side room without seeing the main room and told to answer a few questions on myself and Adam, for something I would learn about later.

Then, when I was allowed to enter the hall I saw the hard work and effort my sisters had gone to, to making this evening so special. I can only really describe it now and show you pictures later but they'd taken my idea of bottles for the Reception (so at least I know it looks good now); had used the colours from my wedding theme for the flowers and put them in bottles. The tables were set out in a square which was a very good idea because then we could talk and see everybody and no-one was cut off from anyone else. The tables were adourned with little petals that were white and light pink and glittered all around were little silver love hearts used as confetti. But, but... the most amazing thing... was that Bethany had cut out over 200 love hearts in four different colours and had celotaped them to string and made them into bunting going in a zig-zag above our heads. The amount of time it must have taken her... woah.

At first we had a bit of a chat, get-to-know-you type of thing then Bethany and Emily opened the doors (literally) on all the food! Ahhh! It was so awesome. There was healthy stuff for a losing-weight bride-to-be; sandwiches; breadsticks (nomnom); cute little cupcakes; carrot cake; JAM TARTS!! (I haven't eaten those in ages); a gorgeous cake that I think they bought and dressed up a little and then the 'icing on the cake' so to speak was the fruit juice fountain and these CUTE little cupcakes that Emily and Bethany had been up making for ages last night! The cupcakes were stood on these little stands that were so sweet.

Then we played a game of "Who know's Grace the best?" which thinking about it was a little biased because all my family and people I see everyday (Carolyn & Sharon) were on one team and people I only see once a week were on the other teams so they really didn't know the answers to some of the questions. So my family got 49 points and the lowest team got 14! AH! I think they need to know me a bit better, BUT I think I get to know Adam a little better since out of 20 questions I only got 11 right...Ooops.

I opened presents, we played little guessing games over some of them, then it was time to clean up!

Tomorrow... Useful Bridal Shower Presents/Early Mother's Day

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