Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Checking the List

I keep thinking that because we've got the big bulky things done and out of the way we've pretty much finished the planning but this is a bad way to think because when it boils down to it, as my fiancee now knows, we have a lot more to do with regards to small stuff than you first realise.

I have to:

Design, organise and write an order of the day for the Ceremony for guest
Organise and write an order of the 11th and 12th for the Wedding party (where people need to be)
Make a long long trail of bunting for the Reception
Order free glasses from Otley Waitrose
Itemise and bill everything for the Reception to make we don't go over budget
Pay the photographer
Pay the sweets table lady
Organise and write down a list of people we need for setting up the wedding, preparing food, handing out food and cleaning up after the wedding
Buy and pick up 5 bridesmaids pairs of shoes and shrugs for the day
Organise and write a list of food for the day that will feed the five thousand
Go shopping with my florist again to get flowers for the Reception
Buy food and drink for the day
Contact someone regarding borrowing cutlery and plates for the wedding - if they dont have enough then we're pretty much screwed.
Making 140 favour bags
Design and write thank you cards for all favour bags
Buy bubbles for the favour bags
Design and write sweet tokens for the sweets table
Make sure we have a cake stand and cake knive for the day
Get Aaron and Haley to practice musical item & isle music
Organise transport for Reception-y things from house to chapel
Buy table rolls and table organza's for Reception
Organise seating plan and write out as necessary
Actually set up the reception and chapel room

All in 7 weeks....

Adam is organising the Honeymoon and the list for the photographer so we can make sure we don't forget anyone. That's why I haven't listed them above, but they are in there. 

Not much then. I think that's everything. If someone else can think of something I've forgotten please add it to the list. Because. The. Brain. Is. Fried.

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