Monday, 19 March 2012

Fancy Flowers for a Fanciful Affair

 We went flower shopping today! It was so fun and definitely got me in the mood for the wedding. In the beginning I didn't really have a clue of what I was looking for because I was hoping there would a cascade bouquet around so I could just say to Sarah "Ohh I like that style but not those colours" but there weren't any flower arrangements for brides, anywhere!

And you need to have been there to have seen the scale of flower picking I had to do. There were just SO MANY FLOWERS! Big, small, white, blue, purple, orange. I don't know why but for some reason this observational fact surprised me even though I was in flower shop and knew I was going to a flower shop, apparently they sell lots of flowers in a flower shop. Just so you know. Note it down too. So, I must have looked like a fish out of water with all these other people around looking very professional and there's just me trapsing up and down isles like a crazy person trying to decipher which flowers would be best for my bouquet and which ones would make it look ridiculous. That is until Sarah told me picking flowers is like picking a wedding dress, you have to try on ones you like; say what you like about them and what you don't; then pick something with the previous dress' likable features.

But before I get to my bouquet, we went on a mission for bridesmaids bouquets first. The store we went to, Country House, had some already made up bouquets and I instantly liked one of them because it goes with the style of my dress. I started rumaging through the shelves making sure there were 5 of these lovely bouquets but as we went to look for signature flowers to put in the bouquets I noticed another set of flowers, that go with my dress even more than the other flowers we first picked up so we got those. And I know you've no idea of what I am talking about unless you've seen my dress, which most of you haven't. But, seriously, these mini bridesmaid bouquets could have been made for me. So, we were pretty much instantly sorted in that department.

So, yes. Back to my bouquet. Sarah had asked me to go around picking up all the flowers I liked and choose others that would go with them and soon enough we saw a bouquet starting to form. It was like magic. Sarah said she could see in her mind exactly what I want for my bouquet and told me I was going for all of the romantic-y type flowers that show big gestures of love, or something. But I am that type of person anyway so it really fits. I'd tell you what flowers I got but then that'd be spoiling everything so you're just going to have to wait I'm afraid.

We got button holes, bridesmaid flowers x 5 and my bouquet of flowers, ribbons, pins, tape and some pull bows (a-maze-ing things) all for £112 something which is amazing. We have stayed well within budget for those flowers and I cannot wait until Sarah and I go back for some more! I really would have liked to have come out with the whole shop though. My wedding flowers are incredible.

Sarah - my friend & florist
On another note, Adam got his cute brain in a tizzy because of the stupid registry office up north, which shows how much he cares about this wedding because he just doesn't want anything to go wrong, and of course I don't too. But remember... my levels of stress are used to being higher at the minute whereas Adam's has only just begun... So, now... It's Official!!! Adam and I are going to be getting married on the 12th May 2012. Our bans have been put in and all we need to do now is wait 16 days to go back and get the sheet of paper that says nobody disagrees with our marriage and we are good to go!

53 days and counting.

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